Monday, October 13, 2008

No one showed up this afternoon

....With the exception of Tyler Bunz, Cody carlson and Joey frazer.
If Bunz didnt have a good game today, the score should have been about 5-1 for kootenay.
BUNZ should be rewarded with another start next game he earned it.

In my opinion some of the players are getting stone hands when the puck is a foot way from them. They are getting paranoid that there gonna get hit. With each passing game it becomes more and more apparent that the lack of size is really taking a toll on this team.

The opposition simply isn't intimidated in the very least. Were giving them confidence every time a player doesn't finish his check. Our team speed has been lasckluster, and thats the only thing that makes up for size. The only player that does finish his checks(hamilton) is taking very dumb penatlies.

With the exception of isherwood,carlson,ennis....We have an Ajhl blueline, and a group of 3rd line depth players, that occasionally turn it least thats what this team has shown us so far.

For a 20yr old Ringrose has played like absolute garbage. I thought with his emergence in the playoffs last year he would be a valuable 20yr old to keep...he hasnt showed it.


Tiger9 said...

an include Carlson in the not-AJHL group. Sure he got 2 goals tonight, but he was far from good defensively. Carr was brutal, IMO the only player that has shown up to every game in Okal. The kids gives his all every shift. If Ennis would learn to pass the puck, that line would be lighting it up. I agree with Ringrose, there are better 20's out there than him. Stampohar should be in the stands...if he's not gonna fight or even hit somebody, he's useless. I'm not saying he has to fight every game, but he sure can lay the body and get dirty in front of the net. Happy with Bunz's play tonight and yesterday in Swift. He should be our #1. He made some rookie mistakes, but i'd rather see him playing and getting better, since this team will be lucky to make the playoffs this year.

Anonymous said...

Tiger 9, you must be getting Ennis and Okal mixed up. Okal wasn't sharing the puck all game. Ennis sent him in on a breakaway.Ennis passes just fine, maybe too much.

Tiger9 said... must be joking!! So Ennis makes one pass to Okal to send him on a breakaway and he passes too much? I'll let you think that. There is a reason Okal is leading the team in scoring, and it has nothing to do with Ennis. I suppose you think Holfeld is a legit #1 goalie too? Ennis is a 1st round NHL pick, he should start playing like it. Its not all about Ennis!!

TigerTurf said...

IDK... I think Carlson has shown tremendous improvement these last few games. I'm starting to like him