Saturday, October 11, 2008


Derek Dorsett just recently recalled did not play yesterday in columbus' season opener.
Kris Russel managed a +2 rating, and around 18 minutes of icetime.
Ryan Hollwegg was still suspended and did not play.
Clarke maCarthur only receieved 8 minutes of icetime, recorded 2 shots a hit and 3 wins out of 6 on teh faceoff department.

Tigers are in Swift Tomorrow Night. I'm gonna predict a 5-3 Tiger Win. Reason being: The tigers semi/hold off an intense swift current team in the first period only going down by 1 or 2 goals.
But the tigers will keep coming stick with it, and pounce in the third period.

Goal scorrers: Ennis:2 1 on (PP), Ringrose:1, Gal:1, Isherwood:1(PP), Bosch picks up 3 assists
(My gut feeling was the tigers were gonna get pounded on, usually the opposite or unexpected happens:P)

Its also of note that the tigers have the oldest roster in the league. They have an average of 18.32 years of age per player. The next closest team is the Calgary hitmen at 18.23

That means that next season the tigers will have 8 overagers.
Ennis,kundratek will be gone, so that leaves 6 players)

Check out to get the full team age charts.

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