Monday, October 6, 2008

A small update turned rather large? :)

Zdenek Okal was named the tigers player of the week getting 2G and 3A in 4 games. Rightfully deserved.

If anyone has seen Tyler Ennis lately let me know?
And what the heck is up with that Everett guy who still hasn't reported?
Giving brown away for nothing will be a horrible move escpecially since were lacking that stay at home Dman that can clear the net.

I just Watched the tigers vs blades tigers highlights.
The saskatoon goals wern't necesarily from bad goaltending(minus the first one) but from sloppy defensive zone coverage. It looked like the whole team had an "off" game.

Blades first goal: Mathew Konan's skate made contact with the puck, after Holfeld made the inital save, It then trickled under his pad into the net. Bad Goal/fluke should have been stopped

The second goal came on a 4 on 2 blades rush. After crossing the zone the Saskatoon player dropped the puck back giving Blades Dman Ryan Funk all kinds of time,and he snapped it top shelf.

3rd Goal: Tigers D Carr/Konan Miscommunicated and coughed the puck up to a wide open Charles Inglis.

4th Goal: The tigers were running around in thier end, Holfeld lost his stick and was out challengin the shooter. The puck hit Konan battling a blade defender and bounced a couple feet from the crease. Blade forward Walker Wintoneak then shot it through asmall maze in front, with holfeld flopping across to try and get back to position.

5th goal - Blades star defender stephan elliot rocketed a wrister from the blueline past bunz top shelf - he probably wished he had it back. It almost appeared like Bunz thought it would miss the net.

In general from the highlites the tigers as a whole looked sloppy. They played like it was thier 3rd game in 3 nights. The defense played poor and the goaltending was average. Their lucky they were playing saskatoon and not a Lethbridge or a swift current, otherwise it coulda been a blowout

Its still early. The tigers still havn't seen what Thomas Kundratek can do. Rugged grinder Bretton Cameron's absence also hurts. Plus the everett no-show is still no-where to be found.
Ennis has been invisible, and we've seen inconsistent goaltending. As well we are still short a 20 yr old. So still lots of room for improvement.

From what I've seen so far I think surviving the first round of playoffs would be considered a succes. But I'd rather see them start kickin arse and make it alot further.

IN other news former Tiger GM Mike Moore was name dDirector of business operations by the Calgary Hitmen. Mike Moore left the tigers a couple years ago to become the Director of Athletics at the Edge school in calgary.

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