Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tigers beat Oil kings 5-4

Just a few thoughts for tonight

The tigers started strong for the first few shifts but let off the gas shortly after.

I thought Jayce Coyle was getting picked on by the refs. They gave him 2 very borderline penalites, and one of them led to the kings first goal, which was a big momentum switcher.

Ryan Holfeld still didn't look very confident back there tonight. He did make 1 outstanding save reaching cross-crease to make a pad save. He sorta looked timid, dont really know how else to explain it:P

I was just in the process of leaving and didnt get a good view, but it looked like the Oil Kings put a puck in the net a second after time expired.....phew!

Edmonton 16 yr old Goalie Cam Lanigan let in a few soft shots that he probably should have stopped... Slappers from the outer faceoff circle.

Isherwood seems to be in a slump again. I dont know how many times he wiffed on an intital pass attempt. I hope that kundratek becomes healthy soon, I wanna see what he brings to the table. I think we lack a #1 guy back there.

Fight Stampohar vs Drew Nichol

Two big boys. The oil kings were rushing up the ice, all of a sudden the whistle blew and these two fellers are sizing each other up. Nichol started out with a strong flurry while stamphoar was leaning back trying to avoid them. Then he came around and landed a few, they both danced around grabbing for position while throwing shots, twas a good battle. Decision: Draw
A fan beside me mentioned that nichol was leaking a bit, but he was too far away for me to see.
(You will probably be able to watch it when the game highlights are put on tigerstv, probably sometime tomorow)

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