Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tigers Lose To HItmen 4-0

Last night was a night the tigers didnt get any bounces. They had 3-1's, hit posts, and such but couldn't bury the puck. IT could have been just as easily been a 2-2 game.

The scoring seems to be drying up every other game. The tigers are missing someone who can put the finish on a good play.

A few people are complaining about the quality of goaltending in Ryan Holfeld, sheesh wasn't it just 2 years ago Hat fans wanted Keetley traded?

A little inconsisten maybe, but so far he has rebounded quite nicely after every so-so game, and that is very encouraging.
The only flaw I can see when he has a bad game is he is dropping to his knees a little early.
He stole a point in lethbridge, stoned edmonton in the tigers first game of the season, and shut the door on lethbridge to complete the come-from-behind win.

Its still pretty early and lots of things can change, but having a couple s0-so games isnt too troubling.

Who's Hot: Zdenek Okal, Brennan Bosch
Who's Cold: Tyler Ennis, Sean Ringrose, Wacey Hamilton

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Tiger9 said...

I disagree. Holfeld didn't steal a point in Lethbridge, there wasn't many good scorig chances for them in that game. He could have easily lost it in the rematch if Lethbridge would have capitalized and I sure hope he could get a win against the Oil Kings. He is our weakest link, and i'm not happy with him bouncing back every other game. If that happens will be a .500 hockey team and we are better than that. He shouldn't have even been on the team last year.