Friday, October 17, 2008

Tigers take easy win over Chilliwack

In hindsight a 3-0 shutout victory with very few shots against is a pretty good way to get a goaltenders confidence up. Heck Tyler Bunz sitting on the bench was probably sweating more than Ryan Holfeld who turned away 20 shots.

I thought Chilliwack played a horrible game They coughed up pucks, had pucks rolling of their sticks, and couldn't receive a pass all night.

It was a rare game where the tigers were dominant physically as well

Fight 1 Mathew Konan vs Partick Bunghal
Mathew Konan crushed a guy near chilliwacks bench. He managed to stave off partick Bunghal who came off the bench on a change, and jumped Konan 5 feet from the tiger bench.
He did a good job wrestling him off. Draw nothing landed

Fight John Stampohar 6'4 208 vs Liam Darragh ' 6'4 200 lbs

Started out with Darragh throwing a sharp rabbit punch, as Stampohar tried to get an advantageous hold, ducking another shot. Then it was stampohar's turn and boy did he lay out some punishment. He connected with a flurry of bombs that dazed Darragh and dropped him to his knees.

Edit** Someone posted on the tigers message board that Stampohar had a broken hand after the fight.

I really like how stampohar is protecting those 2 small guys on his line. Someone gives koper, or frazer a shot, big John is right there. I am suprised that willie is giving him free reign near the end of the game. I guess letting him fight and not letting say a hamilton or a cameron have to take care of things is probably a better idea.

I thought travis dunstall had an off game, But he made up for it throwing his weight around.
Brennan Bosch/Tyler Ennis goal was a thing of beauty. They finally connected once.
I thought ringrose was hustling hard all game, but didnt really accomplish much.
I'm excited that cody carlson has continued to play well.
I think he has been our best defencemen for the last 2 weeks.

THose are my thoughts....more tomorow Night when the tigers take on a physical Regina team.

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