Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday Win 7-3 over P.G

Not much time here so I'll keep it short.

I thought the tigers had another strong game. They're hitting more often, developing more of a mean streak.

I thought players like taylor gal and colton grant even thought they didn't rack many points had strong games creating havoc and protecting the puck from the P.G players. The defense did a good job moving the puck up to the forwards tape to tape.

The tigers created a whole lot of opportunities. I thought the P.G goaltender was playing pretty far out in his crease and got caught often by rebounds, and pucks off the boards. I also thought that the P.G defense were caught pinching in quite a few times as well. They would skate up to meet a tiger, but then the tiger player would just walk around him.

There was one non-call I was Shocked not to see called. Zdenek Okal got levelled by an elbow then ran over by another P.G player. That call the ref missed completely.
I thought for the rest of the game Okal was still shaken up and didn't perform to his previous standards.

It was nice to see Tristan king back in the lineup. I thought he had a very good game for himself.
I was also happy to see Joey Frazer get his first goal. He works so hard, and throws checks like he's 6'0 feet tall instead of 5'6.

Next game is a tough one against the Hitmen on Saturday. That should be a good test to see where the tigers are at. Calgary is outscoring opponents at a 2-1 ratio so far this season, and their record as of now is 11-3-0-0.

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