Sunday, November 2, 2008

Kootenay Downs Tigers 4-2

Sean Ringrose scored a goal only 8 seconds into the game which was a regular season record.

There was some bad news however as Brennan Bosch left the game in the second period, with a knee injury and didn't return to the game.

From the highlights it looked like the tigers had their chances but had a couple defensive breakdowns which cost them.

I was very surprised that linden Vey, and cody carlson, mathew konan were scratched.

Previous Trades Update
Thomas Frazee of the mj warriors is tied for first for getting a penalty and having the opposition score on that powerplay.(Tied with 5, prior to last nights game).
But he also has racked up 12 points in 15 games.

Shayne Brown has 5 points in 11 games, a -1 and 19 pms

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