Friday, November 7, 2008

Plays of the Week

Take a look at this weeks "WHL plays of the week" videos.

I though play Number 3 and play number one Were very high quality Moves.

Play Number 3 had Kelowna's Jamie Benn rip down the right side looking to go wide. Then as soon as The d-mans feet turned, Benn one handed the puck to the middle with his right hand, and cut across into the open ice. A move I see done often by the tigers players, however they can never seem to set up the play properly. Study that video and watch him set the play up, Its a beautiful Move.
1. Take a small step to the inside
2. Burst to the outside real fast to try and make it look like your going wide
3. As soon as the defenceman turns his feet, you cut to the inside
The key for this move is to be going fast enough where the Defensman needs to turn around to catch up. Also dont try this move on a Phaneuf type Defender player:)

Play Number 1 Had an Uber "No-Look" behind the back type pass from a Kamloops blazer player, which hung canes goaltender Juha Metsola out to dry.

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