Friday, November 21, 2008

Tigers beat Lethbridge on the Road

Unfortunately, I dont have i had to listen to the radio.

Ryan Holfeld stood on his head tonight stopping 40 of 41 shots and earning the win, as well as the first star. The Hurricanes outshot the tigers by a mile 41-23.

Mark Isherwood, and Zdenek Okal were the tigers goal scorers.

Listening the the Canes broadcasters it sounded like Holfeld played a HUGE game and gobbled up anything sent his way. The win halts a lethrbidge 3 game winning streak and puts them back 1 games under .500. Prior to the game lethrbidge was 9-3 at home.

Thier were many angry lethbridge fans sending in emails after the game ended frustrated that the Canes so far havn't met their expectations from the pre-season.

On another note

Former Tigers Steve Regier scored his 3rd goal in 2 games tonight in St. Louis. He was sent down earlier in the week but was immediately recalled.

Derek Dorsett was a benefactor of an injury in Columbus. He was called up today.
Dorsett remains 3rd in the league in penalties despite playing 6-7-8 less games than the top PM guys

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