Monday, November 10, 2008

Tigers Defeat Lethbridge 4-1

I thought the tigers played a pretty strong game for the most part. They gave Lethbridge little room to move, and pounded their defense into quite a few turnovers. They rolled 4 lines, and each line is somewhat of a threat.

Some Forward Line Combos used tonight
Cameron Hamilton Ennis
Okal King Vey
Dunstall Bosch Ringrose
King Ennis Vey
Gal Grant Frazer

Lethbridge started playing better in the last half of the second but it seemed the tigers were always a half step faster than them tonight. Lethbridge seemd to be struggling a little bit. They were expected to be a powerhouse this year but that loss puts them at .500. It wouldnt suprise me in the least if all of a sudden they explode and rattle off an 8 game winning streak. IT was almost this time last year where they were in similar situation and started winning a slew of games.

Tomas Kundratek played at home for the first time this season and played well. He is a smooth skater, a solid player on the back-end. I'm sure he will get better as he gets better adjusted to the physical aspect of the whl style game.

Linden Vey's line really created havoc with their passing skillz.

It is nice to see a Tigers team also lay put some punishing hits. Even the 5'8 joey frazer has been running a few people over. Mcue has certainly brought an edge as well. I heard he is gunning for the smash of the night every game, and if his hit tonight was bit earlier he may have won it again.

Everyone played pretty well so its hard to pick someone who stood out tonight. Holfeld got the first star, and Travis Dunstall got the second star. Dunstall layed out a couple real good hits, and had the smash of the night leveling a canes player in thier own end.

I would like to see a little more out of Wacey Hamilton. I think he's capable of doing more offensively.

I wouldn't be surprised to see Lethbridge's Boychuk on next weeks top 10 plays of the week clip. Shorthanded he walked around a couple Tigers Dmen, and managed to score as Holfeld went down early.

Fight Mark Isherwood Vs Carter Bancks

They seemed like they both hated each other. They were really trying to land bombs. Alot of punches thrown. I was at the opposite end of the rink.
Edit: Watched the replay and it looked like it was fairly close. It looked like Isherwood landed 2-3-4 punches at the start. Bancks landed about 3 punches near Isherwood's eye, and the fight ended with Bancks throwing punches at the back of Isherwood's head. Edge to bancks

Quirky Side Facts
This time last year the tigers had 62 goals, this year they have 74
Tigers gave up 57 goals, this year they have given up 61.
last year they had 26 points.This year they have 24 points.

Very little difference so far, except for the fact that scoring is up.

Injury Watch: Last Week Tuesday the whl site had John Stampohar out 2-3 weeks. So his status is probably around 1-2 weeks now. I noticed Former Tiger Shayne brown is out indefinitely after suffering a hip flexor injury.
EDIT: The new whl inury report that came out today still lists Stampohar out for 2-3 weeks

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