Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tigers drag out 4-3 SO win

Well the tigers found a way to win but it wasn't pretty.

After a dominating first period the tigers were eased to sleep in the second then passed out in the third. Thankfully they still had enough of a rush waking up, to win their first game in a shootout this year.

Oil King Brett Breitkreuz scored with 19 seconds left in the third period to tie it up. It was no suprise as the Oil Kings put up a couch in the tigers zone in the third period, as they were were watching the tigers run around trying to get the puck out.

I missed part of the first period, but I didn't see Wacey Hamilton out there at all. Ryan Holfeld made a number of good saves tonight.

I thought the tigers did a HORRIBLE job of getting the puck out of their end. They needed at least 2 or 3 tries before it worked. I was very unimpressed @ Isherwood's play tonight. Sooner or later his lackadaisical effort will cost the tigers a big goal. He took a very dumb penalty in the second which led to the oil Kings second goal.

I thought Torri Jung played pretty well in the Oil Kings Net as he made a number of good saves as well.


Anonymous said...

I totally agree on Isherwood. He seems to be more interested in padding his points total than playing defence.

TigerTurf said...

Yea. One part that stood out for me was where Isherwood had the puck knocked away from him, and holfeld had to yell at him to get it back.

Otherwise it looked like he would have just ladeedah'd until the opponent had a 2v1.