Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tigers lose 3-2 to Brandon

In tiger tradition, after having a week layoff and playing their first game after entering the CHL top 10, the tigers came out and tried thier best to look like future underdogs.
(a.k.a they played crappy)

Brandon controlled the game from the get go, and was the better team through the whole game.
The tigers did however show a few offensive spurts and did have a couple real nice scoring chances. In one way keeping the game close besides struggling for most of the game could be a potential positive.

When the tigers tied the game with only 3 minutes left, I was thinking they were damn lucky. Karma has a way of catching up unfortunately, and Brandon's game winner with 12 second left was unfortunate for Holfeld, who had another strong game.

I thought tonight the Tigers transition game was non-existant. Brandon took a page out of Kootenay's book, and when an opportunity to break out of the zone presented itself their was either a stray pass or the Defensman would bobble the puck.

The isherwood/coyle pairing has started to struggle, and struggle badly.
Mcue played pretty quiet, but sometimes that tends to happen when playing former teamates.
I thought cody carlson looked like he was playing injured. To me it looked like a leg or a groin problem was hampering his skating. I thought the only Dman that played well tonight was Tomas Kundratek.

One question to ask is this the type of effort the Tigers will show when Willie D is gone for the world Junoirs?

Fight: Mark Isherwood vs Matt Calvert
Dont know how this started but only second into the game they drop thier gloves. They grab ahold of each other isherwood throws a couple punches and Calvert falls to the ice. Not really sure if one of those punches connected and dropped Calvert, or he just lost his balance. Very short fight. Decision:Isherwood

Edit: One other note. John stampohar made his return tonight recovering from a broken hand/wrist.

Edit2: Fixed the gamesheets section. I missed 2 earlier games and added them In.

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