Friday, December 12, 2008

Ennis scoresTwice in first intrasquad game

Tyler Ennis managed a goal and an assist in team white's 6-3 victory over team red.

"Ennis scored a hard-working goal in the third when he dished the puck from his knees over to Sonne and recovered in time for the return feed to beat Sexsmith."
-Quoted from

Notables Calgary's brett Sonna has 2 goals and an assist for team white.
John Tavaras scored all 3 goals for teh red team.

Trying to dig up more information about the game.

Ennis played on a line with Matthew Duchene of the Brampton Batalion, and Zazem Kadri of the London knights

EDIT: There was a shootout after the game and Ennis scored a real beauty of a goal

Its near the end of tsn's clip. Click wjc highlights to watch the goal

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