Sunday, December 28, 2008

Tigers loose to the Broncos

I didn't attend the game but judging by the scoresheet it looked like the tigers played a pretty solid game.
After browsing a few message boards there appears to be a rumor that Matt Mcue has been signed by the ducks, and placed on their ahl affiliate. He did not dress for tonights game vs Swift Current.

Gregg Drinnan IS reporting that it is a done deal.

As a Tiger fan this is really bittersweet. You want to see the player move on and become succesful, However Mcue has really re-invented himself here, and it"removes a couple peices from the tigers puzzle"(toughness, and a good 2 pairing defensman).

The Tigers have an extra 20 yr old spot open, and Willie will have less than a week to figure things out when he gets back. At the beggining of the season the tigers had a backlog of defenseman. Now they will have to bring in Thomas Carr in the #6 spot and hope thier are no significant injuries.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Small Update

Former Tiger Thomas Vosvrada Managed to crack the Czech Republic's Final Roster, as well as Tomas Kundratek, and Zdenek Okal!

I hope the czech's do well!

Pool A

Pool B

The top 3 advance to the next round(First Place gets a bye directly to the semiFinal)

2nd place in pool A plays 3rd place in Pool B
3rd Place in Pool A plays 2nd Place in Pool B
The winners advance into the semi-Final and play the "Bye winners"

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Canada beats the Finns 7-3

Ennis scored after Cody Hodgson dug the puck out and fed it him in the slot area.
Ennis picked up a 2 minute tripping penalty in the third period.

I thought Ennis played a bit better, but in my opinion he is still a little hesitant out there.

I'm not 100% certain but it looked like former tiger tender Thomas Vosvrada was in net for the Czech Republic as they beat the Slovaks in exhibition play. I saw neither Thomas Kundratek nor Zdenek Okal on the goal score summary list flashed upon the tsn highlights.

Edit: Tyler Ennis has been dropped into the 4th line with Evander Kane, and Esposito

Ennis' first game disappointing

Tyler Ennis started out on the first line, but he didn't last very long. By the end of the game he was seeing spot duty..

I thought he played uninspired, like he was afraid to put forth an effort. He played like he did the first week returning from nhl camp. I only saw one shift the whole game that was Tyler Ennis like

TSN is now reporting that he has been demoted on to the third line.
Esposito - Sonne - Ennis.

You've probably heard by now about Dana Tyrell's knee injury. There is speculations that it is possibly season ending. For Now Patrick Kane has been called up to replace him.

Friday, December 19, 2008

pre-Tourney Games on tv tonight!

Canada plays Sweden in a pre-competition game ahead of the world junior championship (7pm et/4pm pt on TSN and TSN HD).

Tyler Ennis has been practicing on the first line!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some thoughts Midway through the season!

Sort of a wall of text. Some basic thoughts. Read if you wish!


Ryan Holfeld: He started off the season really inconsistent. He was hot one game then cold the next. Lately he has played fairly solidly and has stolen a few games by himself. If the tigers want to make any sort of noise in the playoffs their gonna need to rely on Holfeld a little too much than what a team should.

Tyler Bunz: The rookie has done pretty well for himself. A 2.58 GAA and .909 save percentage is remarkable for a 16 yr old. He plays bigger than his frame and looks pretty focused in the net. A perfect learning environment for the Tigers goaltender of the future.


Mark Isherwood: This guy has a canon for a shot and likes to use it. He is the quarterback on the powerplay, and has a very good offensive skill set. Isherwood has been a streaky player this year. He will play phenomenal some games, but then other games he coughs up the puck all game long.

His defensive awareness needs work. Their are some situations where Isherwood appears completely disinterested in defending after he looses a battle, and that attitude has got to change. He is also one to take retaliation penalties, which hurts the team. He is a very emotional player and I think he needs to take a couple chill pills before game time so he doesn't get so frustrated or angry at times. You cant win every battle. Him along with Wacey Hamilton seem to do most of the trash talking.

Jayce Coyle: Came into the season relatively unknown after getting traded here in the off season. He quietly climbed the ladder and has ended up on the number 1 defensive line, after steadily winning battles in the corners game after game. Isherwood and Coyle have worked well together. The last couple games prior to their road swing it seemed like Coyle was in a bit of a slump.

Cody Carlson: Before getting injured he had showed great improvement. He used to shoot the puck up the boards and get rid of it instantly. He now shows great poise in looking for a good opening. He is the best passer on the team, Very quick and hard along the ice every time. There was a 6-7 game stretch in November where he was the best defenceman on the ice every night. Since then his game has took a bit of a slide. He plays better when he gets more icetime. Sometimes when he's used on the 3rd unit he doesn't play as well as he could for some reason. I believe he had also been playing hurt for a few games before they took him out of the lineup with the concussion injury.

Matt Mcue: He has brought an element of toughness and intimidation that has been lacking through the last 3-4 years. His goal is to win the smash of the night every night, and he has done a tremendous job sticking up for someone after a questionable hit. However, their are some situations where his puck control vanishes, and he panics. He has a tendency to throw the puck away when under pressure, something that cant happen in a playoff time environment.
Note*After the tigers brought him in, their road record has improved 500%.

Tomas Kundratek: He had a very late start after recovering from a hand injury suffered in Preseason play. The Czech has strong skating skills and is getting better every game. The scouting report on him said he liked to throw the body in the corners. I haven't really seen to much of that yet. I believe he's destined for a strong 2nd half. I'll keep an eye on him during the wjc tournament.

Mathew Konan: I thought his speed has improved alot over last year. I think this kid has some good hidden potential in him. He is big, and reminds me of Alex plant of the hitmen. He could still easily add a good 20 pounds to his frame. If he develops any kind of offensive awareness and a shot, he could develop into a monster.

Thomas Carr: Started the season on the first and second defensive pairing but it soon became evident he was not ready for it. Currently he is being used in a utility role, playing forward and defense when injuries happen. He is a strong depth player, and I like his physical work ethic along the boards when he plays forward.


Brennan Bosch: Possibly the smallest captain in the league. He has been split up from Tyler ennis this year playing along side Travis Dunstall. For as many points as he has had, I find it weird that his plus/minus is near the bottom of the team. Lately he has been quietly putting up points. This is the third year in a row where he has played a part of the year sort of under the radar. I don't know how to explain it, he hasn't played bad, yet sometimes I expect a little more.

Tyler Ennis: A slow start was very disappointing, but he has come alive since. He has trouble 1on1 vs good defenceman. However put him in the corner against that same defenceman and he can walk by anybody. I am very Excited that he made the WJC tourney. It would make us tiger fans proud to see him score some big goals.

Zdenek Okal: A pleasant surprise. He works his tail off every game, and has gotten used to the North American style game. He is racking up the points, with 31 in 33 games played.. At the beginning of the year a solid hit would take him out, and he wouldn't be noticed for the rest of the game. That has changed dramatically, and he now looks for spots to lay surprisingly effective hits. He has developed a feisty side to him which is admirable watching him play.

Josh Koper: Another utility player. When everyone is healthy he will be sitting. He is fairly small, and I'm sort of surprised the tigers have decided to keep him. When he does get the opportunity for a shift it almost seems like he's trying to hard, and sometimes that has resulted in an inopportune penalty. He does posses allot of speed, and likes to hit. He's got to utilize those 2 skills while limiting taking unnecessary penalties.

Colton Grant: The only one that comes close to his work ethic is Zdenek Okal/bretton Cameron. He may not get allot of points but IMO he has done a damn good job on the checking unit. One of the better penalty killers, he steadily has good games, other players should take note and watch how hard he plays. I also like his defensive hockey sense.

John Stampohar: I thought he started the year off an a bad note. The opposition was walking around him and he looked like a pylon some games. Then he started taking on the enforcer role and was doing an excellent job protecting his line-mates. An unfortunate hand injury set him back. His height kind of hides the fact that he is still only 17 and if he continues his physical play he will be one of the top heavyweights in the whl.

Linden Vey: One of the tigers players of the future is really lighting the lamp this season. He has improved tenfold on protecting the puck in the corners, and that has allowed the tigers more possession time in the offensive zone. IMO I would compare him to former tiger Stefan Myer but with a tad more offensive upside.

Joey Frazer: it is sort of rare for a 5'6 18 year old to make a whl hockey team. The way he hits reminds me of Chris st. Jacques, using excellent feet position and using full body weight to make an impact. Quickness is one of his strengths, and he has been used allot on the penalty kill.

Sean Ringrose: Him and Brennan Bosch are sort of in the same boat with me. They are quietly rackin up points, yet you almost expect something more out of them. Watching him individually on the ice he is displaying alot of effort. Sometimes it appears he is just a foot away from where he needs to be to takeaway a puck or create a chance. I think he has played well these last few games.

Tristan King: This guy has a lot of talent. Yet one knock on him is that he doesnt play as gritty as some of his teammates. He has a lot more to show and has developed into one of the tigers go-to guys on the shootout. He will have a better second half if he can keep the injury bug away

Travis Dunstall: He plays a steady type game. He has a quick shot, with no long windups. He has the capability to score from longer ranges. It seems like sometimes he plays a little too relaxed on the ice.

Taylor Gal: Similar player to Dunstall. He has showed decent body position. Currently playing on the third and fourth lines. Him and his linemates need to throw a few more points up.

Bretton Cameron - An injury shortened season has been unfortunate for one of the hardest working tigers. HE competes hard in the trenches every game. HE will score the garbage goals and he needs to, to be an effective player.

Wacey Hamilton - I have been a little disappointed with his play this year. He seems more interested in mixing things and trash talking. Unfortunately has also been a victim to the injury bug. When he comes back I would like to see him stick to worrying more about the puck than the player who has it.

All in all the tigers have had a pretty good first half. They have dealt with quite a few injuries for almost the entire first half. This season seems like a carbon copy of last year. They are a good regular season team. The tigers have gotten some good goaltending lately. When everybody comes back from the world Juniors they will need more timely scoring, improved special teams play. As well as a more consistent defense.

I think getting to the second round of the playoffs would be considered a successful season. I dont see the tigers advancing past that at this moment. However (my out clause in case they tear it up)

The tigers have alot of players with potential to improve.(Wacey Hamilton, triston king, isherwood,coyle,bosch,carlson,kundratek,konan) If they get everyone playing at the top of thier game consistently and have everyone healthy the tigers go from an above average team to breaking into the top 4. I just PRAY that we don't have to face Kootenay in any round!

Right now Calgary and Vancouver are out of everyones league.
Tri-city and saskatoon are in the next tier.
Followed by spokane, Medicine Hat, lethbridge, brandon, swift Current, Kelowna

Lets see if and how that changed by the end of the season!

0 Tigers make the Top prospects game

A little surprised. I thought Linden Vey had a good shot to make that team.
I guess almost having a point per game as a 17 year old isn't good enough to crack the roster.

The whl roster freeze is in effect tomorow.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tigers loose to Kootenay 3-0

Well i was kind of expecting this. It was their 5th game in 6 nights, they were missing so many key players., and Kootenay still has the Tigers number.

Ryan Holfeld stopped 48 of 50 shots and was named the games second star.

The tigers have cooled off as of late and They are only 6 points away from 8th spot in the conference.

Huge win in Spokane 3-2

Both teams were missing key players. It was the tigers 4th game in 5 nights

Missing Players:
Tigers: Dunstall, Ennis, Kundratek, Okal, and headcoach/general manager
Spokane: Drayson Bowman, Dustin Tokarski, Mitch Wahl, Tyler Johnson

Ryan Holfeld was named first star stopping 44 of 46 shots. Sounded like he had one heck of a night.

Tristan King fought David conrad of the cheifs.

Interesting note Taylor gal's brother Blake Gal plays for Spokane.
and Josh Koper's cousin Levko Koper also plays for Spokane.

Things don't get any easier however as the tigers play thier 5th game in 6 nights Tonight against their Kryptonite Kootenay Ice. After the game the tigers will have 10 days off for their Christmas break.

I've sorta developed a little half season report on the players but its not finished yet. I will probably post it at the beginning of next week.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tonights Game on the web?

I found a link which streams spokane chiefs game on the web
Something called

I checked the site out and it looks good. I plan on watching it their tonight if i remember!
IT also has a chat room at the side of the broadcast.

Edit* Its not streaming for me. Guess they only stream away games

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ennis gets points in all three intrasquad games

He managed 1 assist in tonights game.
His team lost 3-1 to team red.
The team will be announced tomorrow!

Tigers lost to Tri-Cities 3-0.

Tyler Bunz was in net
Sounded like their was a little line brawl near the end of the game. Ridley just stated their were gloves flying so not really sure who fought who, or if it was just a scrum.

According to the website Ryan Holfeld, who was the backup goaltender tonight, had an "A" on his jersey.

Tri-cities is a top team and I was wishing the tigers would have come a little closer, especially since tri-cities top goaltender chet pickard was away at the selection camp. The tigers also had 8 powerplay opporunities and still got shutout.

Ennis gets an assist in 2nd Game, and TIges win a pair on the road

Team red turned it around this game, soundly beating team white 7-2.
Tyler Ennis managed one assist for team white in the loss.

Tigesr 6 vs Everett 3
Tigers 5 vs Portland 3

Surprisingly the Tigers have learned to score goals without their leading scorer in the lineup.
The tigers have scored 11 goals and managed 75 shots in 2 games. Um Willie take your time over their at the

THe tigers play a very tough team in tri-cities tonight. IT will be thier third game in as many nights.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Ennis scoresTwice in first intrasquad game

Tyler Ennis managed a goal and an assist in team white's 6-3 victory over team red.

"Ennis scored a hard-working goal in the third when he dished the puck from his knees over to Sonne and recovered in time for the return feed to beat Sexsmith."
-Quoted from

Notables Calgary's brett Sonna has 2 goals and an assist for team white.
John Tavaras scored all 3 goals for teh red team.

Trying to dig up more information about the game.

Ennis played on a line with Matthew Duchene of the Brampton Batalion, and Zazem Kadri of the London knights

EDIT: There was a shootout after the game and Ennis scored a real beauty of a goal

Its near the end of tsn's clip. Click wjc highlights to watch the goal

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Small quick Update

Tyler Ennis and Willie Desjardin Are off to WJC Camp today.

I think Ennis is sort of a wild card heading into camp. He is a small speedster and not necessarily the best option for a checking role. He will really have to show his offensive skills and speed.

From what I've read Head Coach Pat Quinn has an offensive style, and with Desjardin's approach with fast quicker players, I think Ennis should have a decent chance on making the team. *crosses fingers*

I will try to give complete and detailed lists on his play at the wjc camp.

There will be morning skates on friday and saturday.
Their will be intrasquad games on Friday, saturday, and sunday. The 22 player team will be named on monday

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Taking a break...

Due to Final Exams and final projects due, I'm taking a slight break.
If something super extraordinary happens I may write something:)