Thursday, January 22, 2009

Canes-Tigers included

I was expecting allot worse reading the white board.

What mcCue did to Scevoir is exactly the same thing as to what Ben Wright was doing to Jayce Coyle. Both players were in the scrum both were targeted and had to engage in a fight.

The canes fans have a point that mcCue picked on a player that doesn't fight. But neither does jayce coyle. Not really honorable but if your in the scrum you gotta be prepared.

McCue looked pretty winded after his first fight, and Dwight King was tossing him around

Not only did Beach instigate the whole fight, but he went after another player when the linesman was escorting him to the box. If that doesn't happen McCue doesn't go back to help out, and 2 canes don't jump off the bench.

Suspension Gueses
I would guess that King, and Orfino (the players who jumped off the bench) Will get a handful of games for their actions. The nhl has a 10 game suspension rule. The outcome to as who won the fight should have no implication to the amount of games they get. Both players should get the same penalty. I would guess the whl will give out a 6-8 game suspension.

McCue I briefly checked the records and i think that his is first 2 game misconducts this year. He may get a game suspension for re-engaging in the scrum after his first fight.(If it is indeed his 3rd GM of the season he will probably get 2 games)

Kyle BEach may also have some discipline handed to him for instigating the whole ordeal twofold. He should get a similar punishment to what mccue gets, unless Beach's (repear-offender status) will add another element to his punishment. I would guess one game + whatever the whl gives him for repeat offender

no doubt both teams will get fined $500+ for their part in the brawl. Lethbridge may get an increase fine due to players hoping over the bench.

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