Saturday, January 10, 2009

TIgers beat the broncs 5-1

I thought that in tonights game the bounces went all the tigers way. Swift was kicking the tigers left, right, and center during the opening 10 minutes.

Ennis was left wide open in the slot and scored the first goal, Joey frazer scored a nice shot of the face-off, and ringrose went shelf daddy on the powerplay, and a bad period suddenly turns into a pretty good 3-0 lead.

Again in the second the Bronco's were all over the tigers, outskating and winning 75% of the battles. Then MCUE layed out the BOOM on keegan Danserau in the corner, remade him into the tigers newest advertisement along the boards. Bronco forward matt Tassone took exception, and instigated a fight. It didnt last long as MCCUE got the tko landing a couple hard punches that sent Tassone to the ice.

That shift changed the momentum big time in the tigers favor, the tigers potted 2 more goals during the next couple minutes of play, and were in control of the game.

Joey Frazer really impressed me tonight. He won quite a few battles. I thought Sean Ringrose came out and played a pretty solid game as well. Of course McCue also had a good game with that bone crunching shift in the second. I thought Cody carlson had bit of a rough game out there, it seemed like his mind was somewhere else. I also thought Stampohar looked a little lost.

Edit: I heard on the radio that Ridley mentioned something about getting a good look at the new guy Bo Montgomery on Monday. I just caught the trail end of his bit with Tyler Ennis on the radio.

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