Friday, January 2, 2009

Tigers call Up 1st round puck Dylan Busenius

Earlier the tigers said they were gonna call up someone for a short term fix on their blueline.
That call up is 15 yr old 1st round(16th overall) Defensman Dylan Busenius.
Busenius plys for the J. Ennis kings in the Alberta Midget hockey league.

The tigers dont play their next home game until January 10th in what could potentially be his last eligible game before he reaches the maximum as a 15 yr old.

Assistant Coach Darren Kruger said in the MEdicine Hat News that they will definitly bring someone in, its just a matter of time to see who they can get and when they can get him.

I was just thinking on what kind of team the Tigers could of had if everybody had reported.
-Star NCAA Forward Colin Wilson
- Potential first/second round nhl pick Dylan Olsen
-Andrew Macwilliam(former ajhl star, and 6th round pick of the Leafs)
- Tyler Gronn - 19 yr old former ajhl star forward


Anonymous said...

tigers had also called up the Mospanchuk kid the first week of december????

Anonymous said...

Dylan Busenius (Bus) is the best!

Anonymous said...

was wondering, what if any of the 2008 picks of the Tigers might stick with the club in the fall, i'm thinking a possible 3 out of the seven drafted might stick..

Anonymous said...

Dylan is a good friend of mine and deserves to be on the permanent roster