Friday, January 30, 2009

Tigers get smoked 10-1

Well it cant get any worse than that.

I made the trek over to a friends house to watch the game on shaw tv only to have the feed freeze after 10 minutes. So we decided to watch the flames instead.

After checking in to see the tiger game score was a blowout we decided to do something else, and didn't bother listening to the rest of the tiger game.

I noticed looking at the plus/minus section at that willy was switching up the line combos right from the start. In the 10 minute part of the first period that i did see, the new guy (Bo montgomery), took a swipe at the puck and missed only to have Kelowna come down on a 2-1 and score.

The tigers play Kamloops tomorrow. I don't have a good feeling about that game :(

It sorta feels like there is a rift on the team. I don't know how to explain it but something doesn't feel right. The leaders need to step up.

I still believe that the tigers have loads of talent on their team. When they start showing it and play a full 60 minutes they will surprise people. I firmly believe that the tigers have not played their complete "A" game yet this season.

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