Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tigers lose 7-5 to the canes

I predicted a 5-3 canes win. I was 2 goals off on each side. :)

I was listening to the canes broadcast and I cannot stand their color commentator. Constantly interrupts the play by play guy and looses his cool during emotional times in the games.

The tigers gave up 4 leads and the Canes overtook them in the third. The canes Outshot the tigers 18-5 in the third. Thats 4 of the last 5 games where they've apparently failed to show up in the third period. Maybe some conditioning should be in the works.

BIG Brewhaha in the third

The Tigers/Canes rivalry was awakened tonight. From what I've gathered on the radio from the canes side, Lethbridge's Kyle beach started showboating after he had a wide open breakaway empty netter.

The tigers took exception, someone threw a stick trying to stop the breakaway, McCue went after Beach, Colton Scevior stepped in and McCue promptly pounded him into the ice, and there was blood everywhere. The tigers had an extra man because they pulled thier goaltender, so two hurricanes players stepped off the bench and took on McCue. (Dwight king, Craig Orfino)
Apparently King got the better of McCue at the end.

McCue ended up with 2 fighting majors and 2 game misconducts. I cant remember off the top of my head but if McCue has had a game misconduct in a previous game he would be suspended 1 game for accumulating 3 game misconducts.

No doubt the whl will review this. Suspensions and fines could be handed out to some degree.

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