Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tigers vs Giants thoughts

Well i was looking forward to this game for a long time, and it didn't disappoint. It was kinda unfair that Kane wasn't dressed because of the prospects game.

The game was really close the 6-2 score showed how rattled the tigers got at the end of the game. I thought both teams showed alot of poor sportsmanship at the end of the game. Both teams were mouthing off. Thats all I'll say about that.

Why is vancouver so good?

Play away from the puck - Their like a receiver in football, they try to gain any advantage possible to get open for a pass. Their by far superior to any team ive seen this year in that department. The defensemans outlet pass is only as good as thier forwards ability to get open.
(I liked how thier dmen went D to D then circled backwards a few steps to get open for another pass if need be)

Puck side Attack - They all converge onto one side. They are fast enough , and have enough sticks in the passing lanes that a pass across the ice isn't that dangerous, 3 fowards against 2 forwards breaking out wins them alot of battles.

Skating and puck smarts. - They bolt apart as soon as they get puck possesion. Thier feet never stop moving. They keep thier sticks in passing lanes, pokecheck efectively, and lean on players for body posistion. They also have a variety of set plays that hepl them get an edge

I thought Linden Vey, and tyler ennis were on fire tonight. I wish for them to play that way every night. To me it looked like Vey was a pro playing in a boys league.
(That game alone bolted his ranking up a good 10 players)
I thought Mathew Konan, tristan king, and taylor gal, john stampohar, joey frazer also had pretty good games. Holfeld had a decent game. Nothing spectacular, but he played decent enough.

If these boys can play as good as they did tonight, thier is no way they dont have Home-ice in the first round. They set the benchmark for the rest of the year. Anything less than an effort they showed tonight is a night of wasted potential.

Edit: Wacey Hamlton Will be out for a while recovering from a broken ankle.

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