Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trade Deadline around the Corner

The question remains what will the tigers do?

Tomorrow it will finally allow Willie D. TO come home read his notes on other players and contact his scouts for opinions. I'm sure Clouston has been talking to other teams and finding out what exactly is on the market, and the prices.

Most likely the tigers will be looking for an 18 yr old defenseman, perhaps a 17 yr old with potential who is a victim of the numbers game on another team. Ridley mentioned tonight that the tigers appear to have something on the table, depending on the next phone call.

I thought about the tigers trading a guy like Dunstall. Perhaps it happens if someone overpays for him(vancouver,spokane,tri-city,saskatoon,kelowna) I dont see Ennis getting dealt unless someone is offering a deal of the century.

Edit: Tigers took their 3rd game vs red Deer in the centrium into overtime.
Tiger Shooters
Tristan King: No Goal:No shot
Bretton Cameron: No Goal
Mark Isherwood: GOAL!- squeaked out of rebels glove
Rebels Shooters
Landon Ferarro: No-Goal:Post
Willie Coetzee:No Goal:No shot
Brett Ferguson: No Goal


Some Portland Winterhawks fans are irate at the Medicine Hat News. The MH news were the first to report that Former tiger goalie Tomas Vovrada was coming to portland after the WJC. It Sparked alot of rumours that winterhawks goalie Mucha was being dealt. Turns out all portland did was list him in case of an emergency situation.Vosvrada returned to teh czech republic

It appears that 15 yr old Dylan Busenius was sent home after playing in 3 out of the 5 maximum games allowed. 15 yr olds can only play 5 games until thier teams get knocked out of the playoffs. Plus Those 5 games cannot be played when there is a scheduling conflict of thier primary team.

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