Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kootenay's Domintion continues

I thought Kootenay played a hell of a game. They hit everything that moved, plugged up traffic, and cleared the rebounds. Their goaltender also stopped some pretty good chances. They played a real good road game.

Kootenay was sending in one forwards, then whenever the tigers made a pass out, one of thier wingers would come crashing in full speed. The tigers wern't able to headman and make short crisp passes which were needed. The tigers had trouble communicating as well.

The tigers played OK but it was night and day compared to yesterday. The tigers did have a few real good chances to score but couldn't capitalize.
They needed to do more shooting and crashing the net. Thats the only real counter to a team that plays so well defensively, that and skill.

I thought the tigers defense kept allot of shots to the outside, but eventually rebounds,deflections, and screens are gonna get through which is what happened.

I'm hoping Bo Montgomery gets healthy soon, because he makes smart decisions to step up and make a hit. Something like that was needed today to create some room out there.

Travis Dunstall was scratched again tonight, and i heard more of the same rumors about him tonight being sent home with a bad attitude.


Last Night Travis Dunstall was a healthy scratch, and Jayce Douskey dressed in his spot.

Their was a rumor on the tigers message board that Travis Dunstall had been sent home. We will have to see if he dresses for tonights game.

If you've read some of my previous blog posts you know that I wasn't fond of Dunstall's play or efforts at all this season. He had been the poster boy of the tigers struggles. Let's hope for his sake that this breather wakes him up.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Team Ennis 6 P.A 2

It was quite the crazy night for Tyler Ennis. Scoring all 6 Medicine hat Tiger Goals.
You could just tell by they way he carried the puck that he had that extra confidence in his game. There were a couple of sick moves he made, and just wowowoweeee.

I was also pleased with the effort of the other tigers forwards tonight. I don't know if its more confidence from playing a smaller team, or making a slight systems change, but I thought the forwards were doing a hulluva better job battling for pucks, making passes and battling in their own end.

Willie gave young Kale Kessey lots of ice time and he showed a good hockey sense being in the right position, and taking short energy filled shifts.

Travis Dunstall was scratched tonight:D:D:D I'm not sure if it was a healthy scratch or if he suffered an injury last game against Kelowna.

Tigers didn't gain any ground points wise, as the Broncos beat the Oil Kings in overtime.

Kootenay is up tomorow. While Swift Takes on Lethbridge.

With this win tonight, and Edmonton and P.A losing the Tigers officially clinched a playoff spot

Edit: Forgot to mention when Matt McCue took on Garret Thiesen.

Thiessen crunched McCue along the boards, and McCue did not like it one bit. He hassled Thiessen up the ice, and it took some goading but after MCCue dropped his stick Thiessen also dropped his mitts.

They grappled for a while and McCe got in a short powerful uppercut which initially appeared like it missed. However Thiessen went down in obvious pain, and it was unusually quiet after the punch because it looked painful.
I felt bad for the kid. Even though Thessen is a 6'1 200 lb 20 yr old McCue looked like a giant compared to him.

Allot of people say that McCue's #1 heavyweight status is because there is a lack of good fighters this year. Well the lack of good fighters must be true because I havn't seen anyone kick as much @ss in fights since Rocky Thompson played.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rockets Pummel tigers 6-1

The Rockets look like they have a pretty solid team.

Even though Guggenburger only faced some 14 shots from the tigers, about 10 of those shots were glorious scoring opportunities.

The Tigers Defense had an off night off, and were picked apart by Kelowna's offense.

The tigers had John Stampohar and Joey Frazer return from injuries. However Bo Montgomery who was initially day-to-day is now out 1-3 weeks with his hand injury.

Wacey Hamilton is still listed as our for 1-2 weeks(the same as last week) but he has began skating again.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suspensions handed down

Lethbridge received a $500 fine for their 3rd multiple fight altercation of the season.
Kyle Beach received 3 games for his part in saturday's Line Brawl.

SO just between Medicine and Lethbridge here are the stats - according to

Micheal Dick - 5 games and $500
Dwight King 5 games
Craig Orfino 3 games
Kyle BEach 3 games
Lethbridge - $1000
Roy Stasiuk - $500

Matt McCue - 2 games

I cant believe the actions of the medicine hat tigers...that is absolute crap
(haha had to do it)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ennis Named Player of the Week

The first tiger to me named the player of the week this season.

CALGARY, AB. - The BOSTON PIZZA WHL Player of the Week is forward Tyler Ennis of the Medicine Hat Tigers.
Ennis picked up eight points, scoring five goals and three assists in three games over the past week, helping the Tigers post a 2-1-0-0 road record in that span.

On Wednesday, February 18th, the Tigers hosted the surging Brandon Wheat Kings at the Medicine Hat Arena. Ennis picked up one assist in the contest as the Tigers fell 4-1 to the Wheaties.

On Friday, February 20th, the Tigers travelled down ‘Highway 3’ to face WHL Central Division rivals the Hurricanes at the Enmax Centre in Lethbridge. Ennis netted a power play goal and added an assist as the Tigers downed the Hurricanes 6-3. The next evening, Saturday, February 21st, the second half of the home-and-home series was played out between the Tigers and ‘Canes at the Arena in Medicine Hat. Ennis scored four goals and added an assist as the Tigers swept the weekend series with an 8-3 win. He was also named the games 1st Star.

Ennis’ 8 points over the last three games has him sitting 14th among all WHL scorers with 71 points (35 goals, 36 assists) in 52 games and extends his point scoring streak to 6 games. The Tigers have won four of their last five games and sit fourth in the WHL Eastern Conference with a record of 33-23-4-3 for 73 points.

Ennis, a 19-year-old from Edmonton, Alberta is currently playing his fourth full season in the Western Hockey League with the Medicine Hat Tigers. He was selected in the first round of the 2008 NHL Entry Draft by the Buffalo Sabres and recently helped lead Canada to its fifth straight Gold medal at the 2009 World junior Championships.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Games this past week

Games this past weekend (16th-22nd)

Tigers 4/6
Lethbridge 0/4
Swift current 2/6
Kootenay 2/6

-----------Games left -- Pts ---Pct ----Projected total
Tigers----------9-------73-----.579-----83(Stays the same)
Swift Current---9-------70-----.556-----80(Down 2 pts)
Kootenay-------10-------66-----.532-----77(Down 1 point)
Lethbridge-----10-------65-----.524-----75(Down 3 points)

Games Next weekend
3-Kootenay- Prince Albert(H), Regina(H), Medicine Hat(A)
3-Medicine Hat - Kelowna(H), Prince Albert(H), Kootenay(H)
3-Swift Current - Regina(H), Edmonton(H), Lethbridge(H)
4-Lethbridge - Brandon(A), Moose Jaw(A), Swift Current(A), Regina(A)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

HUGE 8-3 Win over Lethbridge

Tonight was the most exiting games to watch all year. IF you missed this game it sucks to be you.

The tigers were very shorthanded tonight.

Out with Injuries were: Bo Montgomery, Cody Carlson, Tristan King, Bretton Cameron, Wacey Hamilton, Joey Frazer, John Stampohar.
7 regulars out, the tigers had 2 call-ups and still handed Lethbridge their lunch.

I thought Lethbridge's goaltending was their downfall. They didn't make the big saves when they needed to. The tigers forwards did an awesome job of crashing the net.

TO be honest whoever reffed the game tonight was in for a very tough job.
However I thought the reffing was a big reason why the game got so out of hand. Kirk and the other ref were calling every single borderline penalty, which resulted in everyone including the fans being frustrated.

I thought Brennan Bosch, Tyler Ennis, Thomas Kundratek,Tyler Bunz, Sean Ringrose really stepped their games up a notch. They were just outstanding this weekend.

The tigers showed a lot of guts tonight.
Zdenek Okal who is 5'9 challeneged Mitch Versteeg who is 6'2
The new guy Mike Forsyth challenged ashton Carter from Lethbridge.
THomas Kundratek didnt like a high elbow hit by Mitch Versteeg and challeneged versteeg to a fight. It was all Versteeg early but Kundratek kept throwing punches and dropped a bomb which buckled versteeg's knees.
McCue handily beat Lucas Sbisa, and Kyle Beach.

Kyle Beach jumped Brennan Bosch in the third period,which started a line brawl. The tigers ended up with a 5:00 5-3.

Tyler Ennis is probably a front runner for player of the week with 5 goals and 7 points in 2 games!

More good News is that Swift Current Lost tonight which gives the tigers a 3 point lead for 4th place.

Big 6-3 Win in Lethbridge

I listened to the Hurricanes broadcaster, and they had a former whl official as the color commentator.

Tyler Bunz started in goal for the tigers.
From what i gathered the tigers came out pretty slowly with the hurricanes hemming them in their own zone the majority of the first period.

After that it was all tigers. The canes broadcasters mentioned that the tigers were doing something different in terms of their systems play and the tigers took the game over.

Their was NO fight between Matt McCue and Dwight King. I'm hoping they saved it for the game tonight!!

McCue laid a borderline bonecrunching hit on Lucas Sbisa late in the third in retaliation for Sbisa's helmet popping hit he laid on Tyler Ennis earlier in the game.

Lethbridge Fans were Booing McCue everytime he touched the puck.

It was a much needed victory for the tigers as they create a 6pt gap between them and lethbridge. Swift Current beat Kootenay, so the tigers remain only 1pt ahead for the 4th playoff spot.

Both teams had key guys out with injuries
Lethbridge: Juha Metsola, Benn Wright
Tigers: Bo Montomgery, Wacey Hamilton, Bretton Cameron, John Stampohar, Joey Frazer, Tristan King

Tomorrow night is a pivitol night for Lethbridge's Home Ice playoff Push. A Canes loss would means they would be 8 points back with only 10 games left for them to catch up.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I was trying to analyze why the tigers had such a good start to the season, and why their play has dropped significantly.

1. Other teams systems have adapted
- The opposition systems has seen a bit of a change imo. They quite often play a 2-1-2 system with defense pinching and it has caused the tigers boatloads of trouble, as they often outman the tigers in their own zone.

2. Powerplay
- Their power play has also been dropping off. Its rare these days to see a point shot. They like to play off the half wall, and feed cross ice passes. I think they need to keep it simple and just start banging and crashing

-The tigers have struggled since he left, which i think is more of a coincidence than a reason why.

The biggest reason (or smallest reason)
4. Getting pushed around

- Carlson,Coyle,mcCue, Konan arn't very good at clearing rebounds, or the front of the net. Some of them may be tall but they push with their arms and it doesnt do a thing

With their current injuries the tigers biggest forwards are at 5'11 in linden vey, and taylor gal, the rest are 5'9 or smaller

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Very Disapointing Game tonight

Nuff said.

I thought the new guy Kyle Kessey didn't look out of place. He didn't get many minutes but he created a scoring chance near the end of the game, and he looks like he's got some speed to boot.

Onto more happy News the Lotto 6/49 wasn't won Wednesday night and the pot has grown to an astounding $48 million dollars.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Big game vs Brandon Tonight

With swift Current Losing yesterday to brandon 4-2, It gives the tigers a chance to increase their breathing room with a victory.The tigers take on a dangerous Brandon team tonight at the Arena 7:00 PM gametime.

Lat night Brandon stormed out to a 3-0 lead vs Swift in the first period, then put it on cruise control. Brandon managed to hold onto a late surge from the broncos, even killing of a late game 5-3.

Brandon has 6 forwards who are scoring at over 1ppg rate, the tigers only have 1 player.

The tigers will really need to play sound defensively and make sure that at least 1 if not 2 forwards help out on the back-check. Brandon can and will roll all four lines. The tigers will need big contributions again from the 3rd and 4th lines like they played last game.

Injury Report

Injuries: #14 John Stampohar – Shoulder – day to day
#16 Joey Frazer – Hand – day to day
#19 Tristan King – Concussion – 2-4 weeks
#28 Bretton Cameron – Shoulder – 3-5 weeks
#36 Wacey Hamilton – Fractured Ankle – 1-2 weeks
#2 Bo Montgomery - Finger - Day to day
Returns: #7 Cody Carlson – from injury

Keep an eye on the Brandon Game tonight!

Race For Home Ice

Brandon faces off against Swift Current Tonight, then plays the Tigers tomorrow.
Anything swift does will have to be outperformed by the tigers the following night.

So I'm cheering on brandon today, then booing them tomorrow! ....(lawlz)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Race for 4th!

A bit of bad News. Reports coming from the arena Last Night say that Tristan King is gone for the season. He was on the receiving end of a clean Hit by blade defender Sam Klassen last week. King was starting to develop into a go-to-guy and that news is very unfortunate.

Edit: Nothing has been mentioned as official yet on the king Injury. What is known is that he has a concussion, and he had been sent home to recover.

Games this past weekend (9th-15th)

Tigers 5/8
Lethbridge 4/4
Swift current 4/6
Kootenay 5/6

All teams did fairly well this week
Kootenay and Lethbridge gained a tiny piece of ground

-----------Games left -- Pts ---Pct ----Projected total
Tigers----------12------69-----.575-----83(Up 1 pt from last week)
Swift Current---12------68-----.567-----82(Up 1 pt)
Lethbridge-----12-------65-----.542-----78(up 2 pts)
Kootenay-------13------64-----.542------78(up 1 pt)

Next Week
2-Lethbridge plays Medicine hat x2
3-Tigers play Brandon(h) Lethbridgex2
3-Swift Current plays Brandonx2 and Kootenay(H)
3-Kootenay plays Swift Current, Saskatoon, Prince Albert

This week is HUGE. Everyone has a tough week.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tigers topple Blazers 5-3

I thought the tigers played a little sloppy in the second and third periods. The tigers were scrambling too much in the defensive zone for my liking.

I was impressed by the work work ethic of the tigers grinders line. The tigers rotated a few guys on it, and whoever was out there played hard and with lots of effort, especially Colton Grant. Grant not only scored a couple goals but was picking up all the trailers in the Tigers end.

I was also impressed by Thomas Kundratek's physical presence, and Taylor Gal's play when he was moved up onto the powerplay unit, Gal also played some shifts on the top 2 lines.

Bo Montgomery continues to impress, and get better. I like his hockey sense, and he makes good decisions stepping up for good timely hits. Linden Vey made a really nice toe-drag move to score the game winner. Tyler Ennis scored a highlight real goal in the first period, splitting the Dmen and scoring with a plethora of head fakes to deke the goalie.

Travis Dunstall continued to give the puck away, and was not showing any second efforts. I was happy that more deserving tigers were given more ice time in his place on the Brennan Bosch line.

I thought Kamloops goaltender Justin Leclerc was really giving allot of rebounds up, and looked a little shaky. The tigers never really took advantage of that.


Thomas Kundratek vs Brett Lyon

I didn't see what caused the fight but all of a sudden the boys threw down their gloves. Lyon got the initial upper hand throwing a lot of rabbit punches at the start knocking Kundratek off balance, However Kundratek still had his helmet on and all Of Lyons punches hit helmet. Kundratek came back and threw a bunch of rabbit punches of his own and they both fell to the ice. It was pretty much a draw no damage done, maybe a small advantage Brett Lyon for the initial outburst.

Scoreboard Watching

The broncos lost to the blades 4-3
Lethbridge beat Red Deer 3-0

The tigers regain 4th place by a point.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Tigers thrash the Blades 7-1

I missed the first period with other commitments, and unfortunately It meant missing one of the better periods of the year so far.

Maybe a rest is all the Tigers needed? With a break from practice yesterday, they came out flying and played a pretty good hockey game, flattening the blades at the start and making them loose interest in the game early.

The Tigers defensively played WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy better than they have been playing. That plus a strong presence on their powerplay did the Blades In. The tigers had a bit of a lapse in the second period, however the blades didn't manage to score, with the defense holding the fort.

The blades might have taken the tigers a bit lightly tonight because of their last 2 shutouts against them. The tigers were motivated after individual player-to-coach meetings this week to discuses their lack of effort lately.

The power plays definitely favored the tigers at the start, but most of the blades penalties were hard trips or obvious hooks.
(Except the one call, against Zahn in the second, was a weaker call)
The blades also shot themselves in the foot with 2 delay of game penalties.

Game Summary

The tigers jumped on the blades early scoring 3 goals within the first 6 minutes chasing starter Braden Holtby. The tigers were all over the blades hammering them in their end. Tiger Killer Sam Klassen took out his second tiger in as many games. Bretton Cameron challenged him to a fight.

The big strong Klassen managed to throw Cameron to the ice a couple times, and get a few punches in. Bretton Cameron had some damage to his shoulder of the result of that, and had to leave the game. Initial estimates are that he will be out for 2-4 weeks. (Not another injury Yikes!)

The second period seemed a little slow paced, and the blades managed to get their game flowing. However Saskatoon's luck didn't get any better. Late in the second with the tigers on their heels Saskatoon took another penalty and the tigers took advantage with a goal From Linden Vey and regained the momentum.

In the third the blades got their only goal from a nice Tip-In shot. Hulak was perfectly positioned to the side of the net and Ryan Holfeld was out challenging. The blades D-man Neimi half slap passed a hard shot wide, and Hulak tipped it in the net.

All in all it was a breath of fresh air. The tigers came out with a shellacking of on of one the top teams, with 5ish guys out with injuries. They played relatively physical for the whole game, and the depth players weren't getting stepped on.

Next Game

Kamloops tomorrow. I think we'll see another big win. From Reports on the radio tonight, Cody Carlson is likely to play tomorrow fully recovering from a shoulder injury.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A couple Big Games this weekend!

The tigers face the blades on Friday.
In the regular season games the tigers have been outscored by the Blades 13-2.
The blades have hit the 30+ shot total each game while limiting the tigers to 23,24, and 26 shots.

I think the tigers game plan should be to limit Saskatoon's shot total, and finish their checks. They need to be doing the small things in their own zone, and for 3 full periods.

Then on Saturday they face Kamloops. A team that has some explosive offensive capabilities but a weaker defense.

I am hoping for 2 wins this weekend ;) - But these days winning the lottery may seem more probable.

-I'll try and remember to provide a complete game summary for Saskatoon game!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tigers Lose In OT To P.A 6-5

Updated Standings

Team -------Games left---Pts-----Pct---Projected total
Swift Current   14       66     .569     82
Tigers 14 65 .560 81
Kootenay 15 62 .544 78
Lethbridge 14 61 .526 76
(-Tigers drop to 5th place)

Tigers 5 @ Prince Albert 6 OT

25 seconds into the third period the tigers managed to get a 5-2 lead. However it didn't last long as the raiders scored 3 straight goals to tie the game. Former Tiger Jordan Hickmott would come back and bit the tigers in the rear as he scored with 50 seconds left into overtime. A very Disapointing Outcome. The opposition coaches are all starting to say that their is a certain way you have to play against the tigers, hopefully the tigers can make that harder.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tigers Cut Up By Blades

The tigers may have lost Forward Tristan King for a period of time. King was levelled reaching for the puck and Blades D-man Sam Klassen crunched him with a clean hit.

King tried to get up but fell unconscious and had to be helped off the ice on a stretcher. He was taken to the Saskatoon hospital for observations.

Early word from the dressing room is that he is okay, but has a severe concussion. No word on how long he will be out for, But hopefully he can recover quickly.

Game Summary

The tigers hit a few posts, and they just couldn't get it past the Saskatoon Netminder Braden Holtby who was named the games first star. The tigers still gave up too many shots, as the blades fired 35 at rookie goaltender Tyler Bunz. IT also looked like the tigers didnt give it thier all in the third period, as they only mustered 2 shots.
The tigers went 0-7 on the powerplay.

From what ive gathered, it sounded like the tigers played a pretty good game through 2 periods, but the puck luck wasn't thier. Then after the blades got thier 3rd goal the tigers fell back a little.

Sean Ringrose has been emerging as a leader for this tigers club. He had another strong game tonight, and was an honorable mention for a game star.

Interesting fact: Tyler Bunz is now 2 PM's shy of Tyler Ennis. Bunz has racked up 10 minutes over 18 games. (Ennis has 12 PM's)


Wacey Hamilton - Ankle - 2 weeks
Triston King - Concussion
Joey Frazer - Hand - Day to Day
John Stampohar - Shoulder - Day to Day
Cody Carlson - Shoulder - Day to Day

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Race for fourth!

Games this past weekend (Friday Saturday, Sunday)(total points)

Tigers 2/2
Lethbridge 2/6
Swift current 2/4
Kootenay 3/6

-----------Games left -- Pts ---Pct ----Projected total
Swift Current---15------64-----.561-----81

Next Week
2 - Lethbridge plays at home against Kamloops Red Deer
4 - Tigers play Saskatoon (x2)(1 is a home game) , (H)Kamloops, (A)Prince Albert
3 - Swift Current plays Regina(H), Prince Albert(H), Saskatoon(A)
3- Kootenay plays Edmonton(H) and Red Deer x2(1 home game)

Every week I'll update this list and repost it at the top!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Willie's comments in the paper

“All along, I believed we were a pretty decent team.
“But, you can only believe that for so long until we are that way. We are getting outworked every night 1-on-1.”

-Quote from Willie Desjardin in the Medicine hat newspaper

Thats exactly what I was thinking after the game vs Calgary. I thought that game made the tigers look like a team that isn't as good as what i thought they were.

I think that was a very interesting realization from the coach. Willies body language on the bench during the last game was like "sheesh I don't know what else to do".

I am predicting that if McCue/Bosch/Dusntall have good games the tigers will win tonight against Moose Jaw.

Moose Jaw has a poor record but they have an uncanny ability to turn it up for a random period of time, and I expect a close game. It will be nice to see Frazee back in the hat so we can see how much he has improved this year.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hitmen pick off the tigers 8-4

I thought the Hitmen showed tonight why there the number three ranked team in canada.
The Hitmen were pretty good at doing all the small things right.

IT made the tigers look like a team not good enough to make the playoffs.
Mind you they played well in the first period.

The tigers completely forgot to finish their checks in the second and third period
Its an opposition players dream to play a small team that doesnt hit. "No hearing footsteps" means more confidence for the other team.

Calgary's offensive system has their defense pinching in while the far third forward covers their spot. That made it incredibly hard for the tigers to get out of thier zone.

One thing I picked out is the tigers defenseive play has them playing really tight. It gave the hitmen all kinds of time to set up on the outside(or shoot with screens), they co-erce a player out of position, and it opened up all kinds of holes.

It was my first time watching Bo Montgomery and he looked pretty good. A big body who is not afraid to step up and deliver a hit.

Game against Moose Jaw on saturday.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Calgary Predictions

Well I actually got a prediction right (lol) guessing that the tigers would lose to Kamlooops a couple nights ago.

Home game vs Calgary on Thursday

Calgary is no slouch of a team, and has played us pretty tough.
I am going to guess the Tigers will come out HARD and really show some promise tomorrow night. However I think Calgary will still squeak out with a win.

Last game I saw calgary's shooters were pretty deadly in picking the corners, and thier offence has been on fire lately. If there is a weak spot its that thier goaltending has been a little inconsistent.

The tigers will need to be blocking shots, LIMITING calgary's powerplays to 2 or less, chipping pucks out past the blueline consistently, and get some timely scoring to have a shot at winning.

I'll say 6-4 calgary with an empty netter.

Interesting Fact: Colton Grant has put the tigers shorthanded 8 times in the last 7 games.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finish Expectations

At 54 games the tigers have 62 points...In the olden days the tigers would be 2 points above .500.(No points for overtime losses)

Can they get 2nd place?:Extremely Unlikely.

Mathematically the tigers would have to win the rest of their games while saskatoon could only win 8 or less of their remaining 18, and brandon could only win 12 or less of their remaining 18 games. Not very likely.

Can the tigers get 3rd place?: The tigers would have to make up 6.5 games on brandon over the remaining 18 games.

Say the tigers won 15 of their last 18. Brandon needs only to win 8.5 of their last 18.(Brandon gets the tiebreaker hence the tigers would need an extra point). It looks like 3rd place is already highly unlikely.

Can the tigers get 4th place?: Possibly..4th place looks to be a battle between Tigers, Broncos, Kootenay, Lethbridge.... Everyone is within 5 points of each other.

The tigers have 5 of 18 games vs those teams above.Which are must wins.
13 of 18 are at home
6 of 18 against teams with a .685+ wining .pct
7 of 18 against below .500 teams
16 of 18 against conference opponents

kootenay x3
calgary x2
lethbridge x2
Moose jaw x2
saskatoon x2
Prince albert x2
red deer

Monday, February 2, 2009

Lethbridge gets Sbisa back

The philadelphia flyers returned 18 yr old defensman Luca Sbisa to the Canes Today. Sbisa played in 39 regular season flyer games. It should be a very welcome addition to the canes. Their team is looking scary good when everyone is healthy. Losing Sbisa at the start of the year seemed to take pretty big blow to the canes defense.

I would not be suprised at all to see the tigers in a death race for that 4th and final home playoff position, with lethbridge.