Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kootenay's Domintion continues

I thought Kootenay played a hell of a game. They hit everything that moved, plugged up traffic, and cleared the rebounds. Their goaltender also stopped some pretty good chances. They played a real good road game.

Kootenay was sending in one forwards, then whenever the tigers made a pass out, one of thier wingers would come crashing in full speed. The tigers wern't able to headman and make short crisp passes which were needed. The tigers had trouble communicating as well.

The tigers played OK but it was night and day compared to yesterday. The tigers did have a few real good chances to score but couldn't capitalize.
They needed to do more shooting and crashing the net. Thats the only real counter to a team that plays so well defensively, that and skill.

I thought the tigers defense kept allot of shots to the outside, but eventually rebounds,deflections, and screens are gonna get through which is what happened.

I'm hoping Bo Montgomery gets healthy soon, because he makes smart decisions to step up and make a hit. Something like that was needed today to create some room out there.

Travis Dunstall was scratched again tonight, and i heard more of the same rumors about him tonight being sent home with a bad attitude.

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