Sunday, February 15, 2009

Race for 4th!

A bit of bad News. Reports coming from the arena Last Night say that Tristan King is gone for the season. He was on the receiving end of a clean Hit by blade defender Sam Klassen last week. King was starting to develop into a go-to-guy and that news is very unfortunate.

Edit: Nothing has been mentioned as official yet on the king Injury. What is known is that he has a concussion, and he had been sent home to recover.

Games this past weekend (9th-15th)

Tigers 5/8
Lethbridge 4/4
Swift current 4/6
Kootenay 5/6

All teams did fairly well this week
Kootenay and Lethbridge gained a tiny piece of ground

-----------Games left -- Pts ---Pct ----Projected total
Tigers----------12------69-----.575-----83(Up 1 pt from last week)
Swift Current---12------68-----.567-----82(Up 1 pt)
Lethbridge-----12-------65-----.542-----78(up 2 pts)
Kootenay-------13------64-----.542------78(up 1 pt)

Next Week
2-Lethbridge plays Medicine hat x2
3-Tigers play Brandon(h) Lethbridgex2
3-Swift Current plays Brandonx2 and Kootenay(H)
3-Kootenay plays Swift Current, Saskatoon, Prince Albert

This week is HUGE. Everyone has a tough week.

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