Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Suspensions handed down

Lethbridge received a $500 fine for their 3rd multiple fight altercation of the season.
Kyle Beach received 3 games for his part in saturday's Line Brawl.

SO just between Medicine and Lethbridge here are the stats - according to www.whl.ca

Micheal Dick - 5 games and $500
Dwight King 5 games
Craig Orfino 3 games
Kyle BEach 3 games
Lethbridge - $1000
Roy Stasiuk - $500

Matt McCue - 2 games

I cant believe the actions of the medicine hat tigers...that is absolute crap
(haha had to do it)


Anonymous said...

Are the Tigers even capable of playing hockey without fighting?

Once again against Kelowna, down by three goals in the first period, and Willie D sends out the goons because he knows hes beat!

What a strategy! What a team! What great lessons to teach young men! What lousy losers and poor sports your team is filled with.

Tigers suck! Everyone that doesn't live in Medicine Hat knows it!

EVERY SINGLE time you are losing, you resort to fighting instead of playing harder.

How much does it cost to have WHL Commissioner Ron Robison in your pocket?

Why don't you address some of the poor sportsmanship on your club instead of the garbage you post?

TigerTurf said...

Tigers goons.....roflmao
Its not often I hear world class comedy!

Canes fans on other message boards are even starting to call themselves the goon squad.