Friday, February 27, 2009

Team Ennis 6 P.A 2

It was quite the crazy night for Tyler Ennis. Scoring all 6 Medicine hat Tiger Goals.
You could just tell by they way he carried the puck that he had that extra confidence in his game. There were a couple of sick moves he made, and just wowowoweeee.

I was also pleased with the effort of the other tigers forwards tonight. I don't know if its more confidence from playing a smaller team, or making a slight systems change, but I thought the forwards were doing a hulluva better job battling for pucks, making passes and battling in their own end.

Willie gave young Kale Kessey lots of ice time and he showed a good hockey sense being in the right position, and taking short energy filled shifts.

Travis Dunstall was scratched tonight:D:D:D I'm not sure if it was a healthy scratch or if he suffered an injury last game against Kelowna.

Tigers didn't gain any ground points wise, as the Broncos beat the Oil Kings in overtime.

Kootenay is up tomorow. While Swift Takes on Lethbridge.

With this win tonight, and Edmonton and P.A losing the Tigers officially clinched a playoff spot

Edit: Forgot to mention when Matt McCue took on Garret Thiesen.

Thiessen crunched McCue along the boards, and McCue did not like it one bit. He hassled Thiessen up the ice, and it took some goading but after MCCue dropped his stick Thiessen also dropped his mitts.

They grappled for a while and McCe got in a short powerful uppercut which initially appeared like it missed. However Thiessen went down in obvious pain, and it was unusually quiet after the punch because it looked painful.
I felt bad for the kid. Even though Thessen is a 6'1 200 lb 20 yr old McCue looked like a giant compared to him.

Allot of people say that McCue's #1 heavyweight status is because there is a lack of good fighters this year. Well the lack of good fighters must be true because I havn't seen anyone kick as much @ss in fights since Rocky Thompson played.

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Brittney said...

That could have been called the Ennis show!