Saturday, February 7, 2009

Willie's comments in the paper

“All along, I believed we were a pretty decent team.
“But, you can only believe that for so long until we are that way. We are getting outworked every night 1-on-1.”

-Quote from Willie Desjardin in the Medicine hat newspaper

Thats exactly what I was thinking after the game vs Calgary. I thought that game made the tigers look like a team that isn't as good as what i thought they were.

I think that was a very interesting realization from the coach. Willies body language on the bench during the last game was like "sheesh I don't know what else to do".

I am predicting that if McCue/Bosch/Dusntall have good games the tigers will win tonight against Moose Jaw.

Moose Jaw has a poor record but they have an uncanny ability to turn it up for a random period of time, and I expect a close game. It will be nice to see Frazee back in the hat so we can see how much he has improved this year.

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