Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tigers Off To Round Two

There is a game recap below this post if you want to check it out.

I thought the tigers got better as the series got longer. Swift Current's strategy was to come out and really hammer the body. Ironically it was swift Current that starting getting into injury problems. It's a little unfair to swift as they were without 3 of their key guys, 2 of them for the majority of the series. The tigers have been relatively healthy for the first time all year.

I thought the tigers have really started to play sound defensively, and have started to capitalize on their chances.

Who will the tigers play in Round 2 is still undetermined. If Lethbridge wins their game 7 tomorrow the tigers will play Brandon. If Saskatoon wins tomorrow then the tigers will play Calgary.

I got word that Brandon's series will start on the road as their building is booked.

Seventh Heaven Tigers Win 4-1

Fan 960 AM in Calgary will carry the bronco's radio feed as well. I sure hope the tigers can win. Obviously injuries are in the tiger favor, but sometimes that can be HUGE motivation for the opposing team.

Current Score: 4-1 Tigers

First Period

Tigers Goal

Okal on a rebound. Tigers all over them in the opening frame. The broncos had a 3-1 rush but didn't get a shot.
M.H Okal, (3) (Montgomery, Ennis), 1:29

Broncos getting some chances. Tigers are going on the powerplay, A bronco elbowed Travis Dunstall.Broncos got a shorthanded rush and did a reverse wrap around but hit the post.Power play over.

Okal Just smashed Bronco player Taylor Vause, on a good clean open Ice hit.

Broncos all over the tigers.

Bronco's Goal

There was a scrum behind the goal line and the puck somehow found its way right in front of the net. Where Micheal Strickland was wide open.
S.C Stickland, (2) (Peddle), 9:21

Action opening up a little. Radio Timeout. Kundratek looks like he's hurt, grabbing his arm. Broncos ALL OVER the tigers. They got caught with their 4th line out there and were standing around. It took Ryan Holfeld to clear the puck and get a whistle.
Tigers finally get our of their end and get a shot on net. Bronco's are dominating the period. Isherwood turned the puck over but luckily nothing came of it. Tigers are having trouble skating out of their own end. 4:07 left in the first.

Tigers are looking like their gripping their stick a little tight. Not really going all out.Derek Claffy just rang the post on a point shot. Tigers need something to give them a boost.

Tigers Goal

3-2 Tiger Rush Linden Vey dropped it back for Travis Dunstall. He wired a hard shot and Ringrose put in the rebound.
M.H Ringrose, (3) (Dunstall, Vey), 19:12

End Of Period

Well The bronco's I thought played pretty well in the first. Aside from the first couple minutes, and last couple minutes the bronco's were all over the tigers. The tigers got a couple good breaks off of rebounds and take a 2-1 lead into the second period.
Shots 16-11 in the Bronco's favor.

2nd Period

Nothing too dangerous in the opening minutes. McCue crunched a bronco in the corner.

Tigers Goal

Bronco's miscommunicated on the blueline and Okal stole the puck. Zdenek Okal was all alone on a breakaway and went 5-hole.
M.H Okal, (4) , 3:23

Okal just destroyed Taylor Vause, on an open Ice Hit. Then Bo Montgomery was hit into the bronco bench. 4on4 play for 2 mins. Broncos good a good chance, hard work down low a point shot and Holfeld managed to stop the rebound.

Linden Vey almost fooled Yonkman. A 1 on 3 rush and Vey Used the defender as a screen, and it looked like Yonkman almost bobbled it. Radio Time Out.

You can hear the tigers fans in the background chanting Yonkman.

Linden Vey was hammered from the side along the boards . However the broncos will now get a penalty as Joel Rogers took a unnecessary shot at Brennan Bosch. Tigers would keep some good pressure on the bronco's with numerous shots that went wide, officially but didn't get a shot on net.

The tigers put the joey Frazer, gal and Carr line on and again the broncos manage some good chances.

Bo Montgomery caught bronco Jan Dalecky, with his head down and dangling near the blueline and looks to be in a great deal of pain. Looks to be OK as he skates off on his own power. 1:01 left in the second period. John Negrin looks frustrated as he is starting to trash talk after the play.

End Of Second Period

Well the tigers got a big breakaway goal from Zdenek Okal to put the tigers up two, and then broncos looked like they are starting to sit back a little. The tigers are doing all the simple plays, and not putting themselves out of position. The shots are 31-17 in favor of the broncos, i think that figure may be generous. Broncos are getting allot of shots but the tigers are doing a good job at clearing rebounds, and Ryan Holfeld is doing a good job at gobbling those shots up. This last period is going to be difficult to watch. The last game the tigers were up in swift, the broncos dominated period 3.

Third Period

The refs have let the boys play and have only called 2 bronco penalties. No doubt the Bronco's will be throwing all they can at the tigers, lets hope they can hold the fort.

Third Period Underway. Tigers keep pressure in the broncos end, and their is a little scrum. Lots of whistle at the start. Bo Montgomery hammers another bronco at the blueline. Matt McCue hit from behind by John Negrin and the broncos are getting a penalty. McCue limped off the ice. Geordie Wudrick hammered by Thomas Kundratek, knocked his helmet off. Powerplay over.

Zdenek Okal grabs ah old of john Negrin's stick and the bronco's get their first powerplay off the game. Powerplay over.

Tigers get a 2on1, a nice steal from Travis Dunstall. Tigers have their arms up. Looks like no-goal but they'll review it. NO GOAL.

9:15 left in the game. Radio timeout

Tigers get a modified 2on1 rush, and Bretton Cameron takes a hard slapshot. Yonkman with the save. The tigers are staying back trying to protect the lead. Ohhh no video feed don't start cutting out now.

5:51 left in the game. Broncos hit the crossbar on a rifle from the point. 4:10 left
Linden Vey had a clearcut breakaway , but Travis Yonkman robbed him. IT looked like Vey was going 5-hole and Yonkman stacked the pads.

Tigers Ice the puck 2:41 left in the third. The Broncos take a Timeout. Broncos pull their goalie. 2:21 Left.

Tigers Goal

3. M.H Bosch, (5) (Ennis), 18:12 (EN)

4th line gets their first shift of the period
Total shots 41-20

End Of Series

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tigers Win Game 6: 3-0

What a game. It felt like every period was an overtime period.

The tigers stepped up physically throwing more hits. The tigers had lots of chances and Holfeld was absolutely amazing tonight. The tigers depth defenders played really well, not making any bad mistakes, and made good plays after a minor mistake.

The bronco's I thought looked pretty frustrated during the last half of the game, Lots of after whistle jabs. There was a big scuffle at the end of the game where Taylor gall was checked awkwardly into the boards. The whl website gave ryan Molle from swift current a double minor for headutting. Tyler Ennis was perhaps a little frustrated as he took 3 minor penalties during the game.

Tigers were 2 for 9 on the powerplay and looked dangerous. The broncos were 0/6, and really missed Danserau and Doyle on their first unit.

3 Stars
1. M.H - 9 Brennan Bosch
2. M.H - 31 Ryan Holfeld
3. M.H - 12 Colton Grant

Matt McCue will be back for game 7. Swift Current Head Coach/GM Dean Chynoweth had an interview with Jon Keen and are reporting that Both Keegan Danserau and Eric Doyle are out for the rest of the series.

That Home Ice advantage looks pretty big right now. Who knows what will happen. Tuesday Night is shaping up to be one hell of a game.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rest Day

Well Sunday's game could possibly be the last game for Tyler Ennis, Brennan Bosch, Sean Ringrose, and euro Thomas Kundratek. Matt mcCue will be serving his 2nd game of a 2 game suspension.

Their game 5 loss in swift Current was a bit as a heartbreaker as I certainly felt the tigers played well enough to win.

Jon Keen over on his blog mentions that Keegan Danserau has an injury issue going on. Here is a quote from his blog, there is a link over to the right.

"There is some concern for Keegan Dansereau who left the game late in the 2nd period and didn't return until six minutes into the 3rd. He played one shift before shutting it down for the night with a suspected lower-body injury."

Friday, March 27, 2009

Broncos Win Game 5: 5-3

-Will give updates throughout the game. Watching via webcast.

Refs: Reagan Vetter (79), Referee
Trevor Hanson, Referee

Thought I had it up here, but guess not. Tristan King was scratched tonight. Stampohar and THomas Carr dress in his and McCue's spot.

First Period

Tiger Goal

Shot from the point and Bretton Cameron was johhny on the spot banging in the rebound
M.H Cameron, (3) (Grant, Kundratek), 1:04

Yonkman just robbed Dunstall who had a great chance whacking a puck out in front
Brutal play Ennis just got sandwiched by 2 broncos..a penalty if i ever saw one..no call. Coincidental penalties 4 on 4 hockey for 2 minutes.

Geordie Wudrick Knocked Isherwood over into the net, and the tigers will get an abbreviated 4on3 power play.

Tiger Goal

Tyler Ennis just wired one from the point, beat Yonkman clean.
M.H Ennis, (8) (Isherwood, Bosch), 5:20 (PP)

Swift Current just rang the post, straight off the face off.
Travis Dunstall had a 2on1 with Okal but held on to the puck too long and didn't really get a shot off. Lots of pushing and shoving after the whistle today.

Broncos just Hit Montgomery from behind. That was plain dirty as he got double teamed, and rammed from behind. Montgomery looks like he's hurt. Holfeld just made a nice save on a awkward 3on2.

Bronco Goal

Cody Eakin squeaked behind cody carlson on a nice feed and managed to get a partial breakaway and he beat holfeld. THomas Kundratek looks like he's limping, and Montgomery has gone to the room.
1. S.C Eakin, (1) (Wudrick, Rogers), 10:08

Jace Coyle gets called for a penalty. Dont really like the call, borderline IMO.

Bronco Goal

A shot from the point bounced right in front of the net and Cody Eakin scored top corner.
S.C Eakin, (2) (Negrin, Stickland), 13:26 (PP)

Grrr my feed is cutting out. During that Time John Negrin is getting a penalty. Bronco's get a breakaway and Ryan Holfeld makes a great save. 4on4 hockey as Thomas Kundratek is getting a penalty. Tigers had a 3on1 but Colton Grant mishandled the puck. Good News Bo Montgomery is back on the bench.

Bronco's Jan Dalecky hooks up a tiger off the face off and the tigers get a powerplay. Linden Vey makes a Boneheaded decision and almost gives Cody Eakin a clear cut breakaway, Vey is forced to grab on to him and gets a penalty.

End of First

The tigers started off really strong scoring 2 quick goals. Then Cody Eakin comes out of the woodwork for the broncos and pots 2 goals. The broncos started really playing physical at the end of the period, and are starting to control the momentum.
I dont like the fact that the broncos got away with 2 double teams on tigers players. One was a hit from behind on Bo Montgomery, and the other was a mid ice hit on Tyler Ennis.

Second Period

It will be 4on4 hockey for 42 seconds, then the broncos get a 44 second powerplay.

Yonkman just stone Tyler Ennis on a tic tac toe 3on2. Tigers coming on strong getting some chances.Colton grant just hit the post on a 2on1.

Tiger Goal

SEAN RINGROSE...Tigers were all over swift in their own end. Ringrose let a hard wrist shot go from the slot and beat Yonkman.
M.H Ringrose, (2) (Okal, Isherwood), 4:48

Stampohar takes a dumb penalty, over aggressive and holds onto a bronco player in the offensive zone.Killed it off. Broncos starting to come on a bit.

Tyler Ennis just got creamed from behind into the boards again. Cody Eakin with his second hit from behind in the game...tigers on the powerplay. Tigers got quite a few shots in close but Yonkman stood his ground.

Travis Dunstall had a modified breakaway, a nice steal from Cody Eakin. Didn't manage to get a shot as he was stick-checked in tight.

Tigers getting a penalty Breton Cameron came in to try and hit Cody Eakin but partly missed and caused a tiger defender to lose one hand on his stick and the tiger got a penalty.

Tigers had a 3on1 shorthanded rush, and the puck hopped over Colton Grant's stick on an empty net. The game is opening up now. Both teams going back and forth hammering shots on net.

Bronco Goal

Joel Rogers took a slapper from the point, and a seeing eye shot somehow found its way into the net. Tie game with seconds left in the second period.
S.C Rogers, (1) (Wudrick), 18:44

Keegan Danserau is down on the ice. Announcers not sure what happened. Looks like he was tired and fell awkwardly?

End of Second

Well the tigers looked pretty good this period. The broncos kept turning the puck over and the tigers had numerous odd man rushes. Towards the end of the period both teams were trading chances. The broncos managed to get a lucky bounce with a seeing eye shot that found net.Shots on goal so far is 33-28 Bronco's. Lets hope that the tigers key players still have gas left in the tank. The fans are really getting into it, and thats gotta give swift an extra boost.

Third Period

Doh audio fed cutting out. Both teams are trading Icings early in the third.Ooh that coulda been a penalty John Negrin had Wacey Hamilton wrapped up. OK now broncos micheal Strickland is getting a penalty, tigers on the PP.

Bronco Goal

damn. I could feel that coming ever since the period started. Strickland came out of the box fired a shot off the post, and Wagner tapped in an easy rebound.
S.C Wagner, (2) (Stickland, McAvoy), 6:14

10 minutes left in the third..getting no sound, I'm not impressed.
The broncos are playing really physical, a tiger just limped off the ice.

Broncos just came ooh so close to scoring. 8 minutes left.Yikes Ringrose has got to be more careful, he could have easily been called for 2 penalties there.Tigers had a 2on1 no dice. Coincidental penalties in a little scrum( I've gotten word that a tiger player(Hamilton, or Cameron) checked a bronco from behind which sparked the ruckus)

Kundratek just got his feet knocked from underneath him, should of been a kneeing penalty.ACK feed is cutting out again....3:13 left....1:19 left.

The bronco's are doing a really good job at clearing out their zone, tigers cant get any pressure...Goalie pulled..30 seconds left Timeout tigers.

Bronco Goal

Empty Netter S.C Eakin, (3) (Negrin, Dowling), 19:39 (EN)

End of Third

How nice they restore the audio feed just as the broncos score their 5th goal. SO ironic, it was such a close game Tigers get a powerplay then Strickland comes out of the box gets a 2on2 and the bronco's score. It was a pretty entertaining game to watch. The game could have gone either way. The tigers had the lead for a majority of the game then the broncos got a lucky goal, and a good break out of the penalty box for another goal.

Game 6 Goes Sunday In Medicine Hat
Season ticket holders have one day left to pick up theit tickets. C'mon Tiger fans we need to be LOUD, LOUD LOUD on sunday.

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Former Tiger Player Micheal Sauer played in his first and second NHL games this week.

He was called up and played against Minnesota on Tuesday and against Atlanta last night.

On tuesday he recorded 13:33 minutes of ice time with 1 shot, 1 blocked shots, 2 shots that missed the net, and 1 hit. The rangers won 2-1

On wednesday He recorded 12:33 minutes of ice time, with a +1 rating, 1 shot and one hit, with 1 minute of powerplay time. Atlanta won 5-4.

That makes 6 players and counting on the tigers 06-07 roster than went on to play at least 1 games in the nhl.(Keetley, Helm, Schlemko, Sauer, Russel, Dorsett).

Tonight Is game 5 in swift Current...Whoever wins has 2 chances at putting away the other team. I will be here watching on the webcast posting updates along the way.

Matt McCue was suspended 2 games for his Hit ON Bronco Eric Doyle. Bronco fans are saying Doyle is out for the series with a concussion.

That is a pretty big blow to the tigers defense, McCue was eating up quite a chunk of icetime. The tigers will NEED Exceptional efforts from all defenders. I'm Not sure if Cody Carlson is 100% healthy and ready to go. The News has listed him as a healthy scratch, but I remember him being injured prior to the playoffs and when he was healthy getting a regular spot in the lineup.....although I could be wrong

You know the broncos are going to come out flying. Their building is pretty loud and full of energy when they get that siren, music and crowd noise into the game. The tigers will need thier forwards to help out any way they can on the back-end, and make the bronco's pay when they try to get fancy.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tigers Tie up the Series

Almost a complete opposite of yesterday night. With the win tonight the tigers are guaranteed another Home game. Tickets for Season Ticket Holders go on sale tomorrow morning.

THe broncos started out playing pretty hard. In the opening moments Wacey Hamilton stuck out his foot and tripped up a bronco defender behind the Bronco Net and Swift was awarded a powerplay.

ON the powerplay Ryan Molle slapped a hard pass along the ice wide and Bronco Mike brown tapped it in past Ryan Holfeld.

A shift Later the TSN turning point struck but this time in favor for the tigers. Matt McCue absolutely Hammered Bronco Eric Doyle.

As Doyle was skating in McCue sort of hesitated a second to fake a soft rub out, then blasted him into the boards. Doyle Immediately went down in pain, and it took him a few minutes for the Bronco's training staff to help him up off the ice. I would guess that he had some sort of concussion as he didn't return. The tigers would then go on to score three goals in the first period, letting the arena come alive.

As soon as swift Current started putting pressure on the tigers, the Broncos would get caught hanging on to the puck, and give the tigers an odd man rush the other way.

Unfortunately for them Tyler Ennis was on alot of those odd man rushes and made the bronco's pay. Ennis ended up with a hat-trick including a short handed goal.
Bretton Cameron also had a 2 goal game both shots from the high slot area. He also missed on a breakaway chance.

The tigers played much better tonight. They made more of the little plays that got them out of the zone, and made it hard for the broncs to establish their physical game.

The tigers were able to establish their forecheck more, and Yonkman didn't make the good saves that lets a team win the game. John Negrin must have played at least 30 mins of hockey, he was out their every second shift.For swift I thought Taylor Vause had a really good game. HE looked pretty dangerous and made a couple nice moves in tight. Their powerplay also looked pretty deadly.

Negrin would skate almost the length of the blueline to get a good shot opportunity, and he would either shoot once the tigers switched defenders trying to block the shot, or pass it once he dragged his player out of position.

I thought the reffing these last 2 games aren't doing the tigers any favors. The calls were going slightly in favor of the bronco's because: None of the interference is being called, the broncos like to use those pick plays, but the tripping and hooking is being called.

The tigers are the ones doing more tripping and hooking and the broncos are getting away with some interference.

Player thoughts

I thought Matt McCue and Mark Isherwood played phenominal. McCue is playing like he did when he first got here. Taking time to make a good pass and making smart decisions. Jayce coyle is stepping up providing the tigers with someone who can skate the puck out of his end without making a boneheaded play. Colton Grant has also played outstanding. His ice time has increased and he's making the most of his chances.

Bretton Cameron was another player that stood out for me. He played amazing along the boards, and was rewarded with 3 prime scoring chances converting on 2 of them. I haven't really mentioned Brennan Bosch lately but he is leading by example out on the ice. He has been working very hard and playing well.

Game 5 Friday in swift Current. The tigers are sending a fan bus up there. Well IMO each team has rotated turns in clearly being the better team. Lets hope allot of fans make the trip to swift Current Friday, and the tigers can come out with a victory.

The attendance tonight was 3962. 44 fans short of a sellout

Game 4 Tonight

Apparently one of the bronco's played with the flu bug last night. Jon Keen mentioned on his blog that one of the veterans was sick.

Bronco's Dman Joel Rogers had some dental work done today, sometime last game he was smacked with an errant stick.

I was wondering the cost of other teams playoff tickets so i quickly browsed through some of the teams websites. I could only find a direct cost on a few sites. Most had regular season ticket info but no playoff info.

Calgary Hitmen - $15-35
Lethbridge - $20.90 ($209 for 10 game pack with leftover credit to apply to next season)
Vancouver - $16.50 - 18.50
Tri-City - $18.50 US?
Tigers - $20

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Broncs wallop Tigers 5-2

With the huge groan by the fans before gametime when the refs were announced, you could almost feel the foreshadowing of what was about to happen.

The opening first couple of minutes the tigers came out flying.
The Ennis Vey Bosch line had Yonkman down and out about 2 times in the same shift, but they just couldn't get a handle on the puck. Ennis also rang IRON moments later.

That missed chance would come back to bite them in the butt. Soon after the broncos had an odd man rush the other way, and Justin Dowling went forehand to backhand and roofed the puck over Holfeld's blocker. That play in the opening five minutes was the tsn turning point, as the tigers never really recovered. The Noise of the crowd after that was kept relatively quiet, the broncos played one hell of a road game

The tigers got beat 1v1 way to many times. Swift Current had at least 10 really really good scoring chances from the slot area. You cant win hockey games like that.

I thought the broncos were absolutely dominating the tigers in the psychical play department. The bronco's outworked them, out chanced them, outhit them,played better on their special teams, and it wore the tigers down. If it wasn't for Ryan Holfeld the score could have been much worse. The broncos played their game hard, and the tigers didn't respond well enough.

Swift Current Fans were well represented tonight. They had 2 good cheering sections, ringing their cowbells and IMO it really gave swift current a steady influx of energy. The tigers management couldn't have placed the broncos fans in a worse spot. Right in behind their bench to give their team momentum(lol)

The attendance tonight was 3995. 11 fans short of a sellout.


I though guys Like Jayce Coyle, and Mark Isherwood played fairly solid game. Matt McCue had an up and down game, he made some nice passes, but also gave the puck away and whiffed on 3 passes throughout the game. Tristan King in his first game back was hearing footsteps on the ice, no doubt it takes a game or two to get used to the pace again

The tigers needed Linden Vey and the top line to have better games. Vey's soft pass to the tigers Dman was easily intercepted and it helped create the bronco's first goal. Vey also failed to lay out any body checks.

Ryan Holfeld played really well in goal. Colton Grant logged a ton of ice time, and played a pretty good game. I thought Bo Montgomery and Thomas Kundratek had off nights, both were fighting the puck a bit.

Other than Holfeld and Colton grant no one else stood out for me from the tigers point ov view.

On the bronco's side I thought Negrin and Dowling played really well. Their were a couple bronco's who looked like tanks out their finishing their checks and not going overboard taking penalties.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tigers Beat Bronco's 6-2

Game Over 6-2 Tigers

Dan Cowley (76), Referee
Pat Smith (12), Referee
John Stampohar Scratched, Thomas Carr Dressed in his spot

First Period

McCue with a Big Hit on Bronco Gordie Wudrick.
Tigers playing solid so far. Bronco's almost had a breakaway chance

Tiger goal
McCue shot it from the point and Sean Ringrose Tipped it in.
M.H Ringrose, (1) (McCue, Isherwood), 4:34
1-0 Tigers

Coincidental Penalties...4on4 play
Bronco's pass the puck right in front of their bench and get a Penalty for too many men..an obvious call

Tiger goal

Good work on the PP. Swift almost got the puck then the tigers passed it down low and got a couple shots on net....yonkman was sprawled out of position and Brennan Bosch potted it in.
M.H Bosch, (1) (Ennis, Isherwood), 7:36 (PP)
2-0 Tigers

Tiger goal
Brennan Bosch was going wide, was in behind the goal-line, shot it and it squeaked through.
M.H Bosch, (2) (Vey, Coyle), 9:50
3-0 Tigers

Bronco's had a glorious chance, and it forced Ennis to take a penalty. Tigers will be shorthanded for 2 minutes. Bronco's didn't even get a shot, good work by the tigers. 4:50 left in the first period.

Tigers on the powerplay....Weird call..refs choose to pick one guy outta the scrum.
OOOH what a chance for the tigers, okal had a mini 2v1 down low, but the goalie poke checked it. Bronco's Taylor Vase hit the post on a close chance on a bronco 2v1.
Thomas Kundratek took a long wristshot from the point and it almost trickled in. Both teams starting to trade chances at the end of the first.

First Period Summary

Tigers outshot the bronco's 13-3, and have controlled the majority of the play. You can definitely hear the tiger fans out there tonight making noise. The tigers managed to get some shots on the net, and have gotten favorable bounced. Brennan Bosch with 2 goals, and Sean Ringrose with the nice tip in.

The tigers have done a way better job clearing their end, and have thrown everything on net, and have gotten rewarded so far.

Second Period

McCue fired it into his own bench almost nailed Willie...lol. Late hit on KUndratek from a Bronco player and no call.

Mark Isherwood with a lazy giveaway, passed the puck 5 feet in front of his D partner going DtoD and the broncos had a partial breakaway. Tigers shorthanded.

Bronco's get a penalty for interference...2 players collided at the blueline...tigers get lucky..penalty coulda gone both ways..Danserau gets called
4on4 play then the tigers get a short PP

OOO Yonkman robs Linden Vey on a cross ice pass/shot.

Bronco's turn up the heat. Wudrick had a partial breakaway. Joey Frazer trips up a bronco player, and the BRonco's get the powerplay.

Swift Goal
Negrin, (1) (Doyle, Dansereau), 7:54 (PP)
Negrin rifled a shot through alot of traffic in front, not sure if it was deflected or not
3-1 Tigers

Bronco building coming to life. The broncos are starting to control the play, and the game is getting chippy. Hardly any whistles. The broncos are hammering the tigers in their own end. You sorta feel like if the tigers don't switch the momentum soon the broncos will score. 5:30 left in the second Bronco's still playing really strong, they have the tigers on their heels.

Broncos going on the powerplay. Colton Grant got an accidental stick in the legs of a bronco dangling at the blueline.

Swift Goal
S.C Vause, (2) (Doyle, Negrin), 17:16 (PP)
Broncos shot it from the point, Holfeld made an amazing save but got no help from his Dmen....
3-2 Tigers

Matt McCue made a bad decision tried to go on a rush and got stripped. It ended with a 2on1 broncos rush at the Buzzer. Looks like their will be penalties to start the third

Second Period Summary

The broncos adjusted to the tigers new breakout. The tigers forwards just plain sucked getting pucks out of their own end. The broncos controlled the play the whole period. The tigers sat back too much. The bronco's really controlled the play physically as well

Third Period

Tigers starting out shorthanded. Matt McCue Got a roughing penalty.Didn't really see it on the webcast on what he did. It looked like another call where the ref picked one player out of the scrum.

So far so good. Tigers managed to dump it down the ice three times, and swift cant get anything started. Cody Eakin taking a tripping penalty, another accidental trip call. 4-4 then the tigers get a PP.

Bronco's just got a glorious chance but Holfeld made a nice play. Coincidental penalties to Konan and Wagner.

Bronco's got a 2on1, bad pinch by the tigers Dman. Bronco's pressing the tigers early. Tigers look unorganized not making sharp plays...tired already?

Tigers getting back on track a little. They got a couple shots in swifts zone.

Tiger goal
Shot from the redline. Yonkman bobbled it. Covered it, then uncovered it, covered it again, then uncovered it, Ennis came racing in and poked it in. It looked like the ref told him to play it, or miscommunication from his defense
Ennis, (3) , 5:27

4-2 Tigers

Tigers are back to playing decently defensively......Nail biting time
Tigers going on the powerplay. Hamilton took a hit from behind from MacAvoy who had his stick up.

Tiger goal
M.H Hamilton, (1) (Kundratek, Gal), 9:41 (PP)

Kundratek with a blast from the point. Someone tipped it says the broncos color man
5-2 Tigers

jeers of Yonkman filling the air in the bronco arena. A tiger fan was just hauled out of the arena by security. Bronco's look deflated as the intensity came down a few notches, the tigers getting a couple more scoring chances. Tigers are now playing defensively using their 5 man trap in the neutral zone.

Tigers going on the PP. Broncos getting frustrated, Macavoy taking a roughing penalty

Tigers getting all kinds of chances on the PP.

Tiger goal
Matt McCue blasted a shot from the point, the puck went up in the air and somehow ended in the back of swifts net.
McCue, (1) (Isherwood), 19:16 (PP)
6-2 Tigers


THe bronco's started out killing off Matt Mcue's penalty and they gave the bronco's nothing. However as soon as the powerplay ended, swift started getting some good chances. Then Travis Yonkman has some poor miscomunication with his defense and the tigers pounced. The bronco's looked a little deflated after that and the tiger kept on from their.

Game Summary

The goals the tigers scored were a little odd, but they capitalized on their chances, and threw pucks on net. Holfeld outplayed Yonkman. From what I understand the tigers had loads of fans there tonight, and helped cheer on the tigers.

3 stars

1. M.H - 9 Brennan Bosch
2. S.C - 7 John Negrin
3. M.H - 22 Tyler Ennis

What a big win. Goes to show throw anything at all on the net, and you can get some lucky bounces. The tigers finished 3 for 6 on the powerplay which was exactly what they needed to do. Tigers outshot Swift 34-24. Series Tied 1-1

Games 3 & 4 go Tuesday and Wednesday Night in Medicine Hat.
Their are still tickets available, but expectations are they will sell quick with this win.

Game 2 - Tigers @ Bronco's


Well Last Night the Tigers found out what kind of team they are up against. The bronco's came out hard and were quite physical throughout the hockey game. They were using the modified trap that Kootenay employs, which the tigers haven't been able to figure out for a few years. The tigers looked a little tired in the third period in game 1.

I will be here again providing up-to-date text commenting throughout the game as best i can.

Keys To The Game

  1. Special Teams

    • The tigers have to limit the bronco's powerplay opportunities. Keep it simple with thier own PP. Enter the zone with force, then fire shots on net with traffic

  2. Break The Trap

    • The Tigers Need to find away to break this trap, the broncos' have employed. The more times they break it, the less time spent in thier own end. The tigers will need their offense to stay in the bronco's end as much as possible to give their defense an easier time.

  3. Secondary Scoring

    • Tigers Need someone other than Tyler Ennis to get the offense going. They need to get those garbage goals they were getting in the beginning of the year

  4. Play Physical

    • Hit everything that moves without going over the edge. The good physical teams make contact as many times as they can. It makes the opposition aware that they are going to get hit when they touch the puck, and sometimes they start hearing footsteps.

  5. Goaltending & Forward Backchecking

    • Ryan Holfeld played a good game last night. Tigers will need him to play just as good or better. The forwards need to do a better job in getting to loose pucks and clearing the zone. They were late getting to the puck in their zone too often

Friday, March 20, 2009

Swift Takes Game 1 with a 4-2 Win

Game Over: 4-2 broncos Win take 1-0 Series Lead
Watching Via Webcast

Bretton Cameron is back. Tristan King is a scratch.

First Period

Tigers starting out pretty slow, still having troubles getting out of thier end

TIGERS GOAL (1-0 Tigers)
Tyler Ennis on the POWERPLAY Linden Vey with the assist!

First Period SUM
The broncos game out hard. The tigers looked nervous, their passes were not tape to tape, and their were too many times where they did not clear the zone.Ryan Holfeld came up big stopping alot of shots with traffic in front of him. The tigers would score first on the powerplay. Linden Vey fed a pass across the ice to Tyler Ennis who buried it behind Travis Yonkman. The refs are calling almost everything. A total of 7 powerplays for both teams combined.

Second Period

Tigers have come out on the powerplay and have started off working real hard and getting a couple good chances.
(Lol the audio is cutting out from the web feed and jon keen is starting to sound like a chipmunk)

PHEW! fast action Swift Got a couple 2 on 1 chances but fanned or holfeld stopped em. Action has picked up.

Bronco Goal (1-1 Tie)
Uh-oh 5-3 for swift. Jayce Coyle took an unnecessary wack at a bronco player.
and the tigers pay for it. Swift drew the 1 tiger defender up high, the the broncos passed the puck down low, and went cross crease to Keegan Danserau, who scored.
Justin Dowling and John Negrin with the assists.

5-3 For the tigers for 56 seconds. However it looked like it was the broncos with the powerplay, Horrible zone penetration.

Tigers get another 5-3 for 30ish seconds. They look pretty unorganized, not making any favorable plays.

Second Period SUM
Well the tigers looked good at the start, managed to get a bunch of scoring opportunities. Then the broncos came back and got a couple 2on1's.

Then the penalties started flowing. Swift Current scored early on their 5-3, then the tigers looked too pressured on their 3 limited 5-3's. They managed pretty much nothing except tiring out their top 2 lines. The tigers managed a flurry of action at the end, but not really any quality shots. I hope that lack of finish on the powerplay does not come back to bite them.

Third Period

Coincidental penalties at the end of the second. 4-4 for 2 minutes!

Tiger GOAL (2-1 Tigers)
Tyler Ennis on a 2on1 what a nice play. Tic tac toe with Brennan Bosch

Bronco GOAL (2-2 Tie)

Bronco 2-2 rush. Holfeld let out a big rebound and the tiger defense fail to clear it. Taylor Vase with the gift. Assists to Mike Brown and Spencer MaCavoy

Bronco wrap around goal?..their going upstairs to review the replay..NO GOAL
Broncos are coming on and getting chances...yikes.

Bronco GOAL (3-2 Bronco's)
Tigers are running around with their heads cut off.
Throwing passes to no-one, putting pucks in areas where their are no tigers, and everyone lining up on the same side of the ice.
A nice hardworking goal for the broncos. Danserau from Eric Doyle and Justin Dowling

Powerplay for the tigers. Ennis with a partial breakaway. Negrin hauled him down
- No dice..Tigers look gassed. 2:50 left..sigh doesn't look good. Bronco's stepped on the pedal and the tigers cant keep up..Empty net..43 seconds left.

Bronco GOAL (4-2 Bronco's)
Empty Netter. Danserau with the hat-Trick.
TIgers won the puck off the face-off, the puck hopped over Isherwood's stick and Danserau managed to blow right past him. Isherwood looked gassed

Bronco's WIN 4-2

Sum: The tigers looked pretty gassed in the third period after their goal. ALL of a sudden they started making passes to no-one, and turning the puck over and over and over. They pretty much shot themselves in the foot IMO. Their powerplay has to be better. They had 8 chances and only 1 goal. including 3 partial 5-3's.

Tigers are now on a 6 game losing streak in the playoffs dating back to last year and the previous year in their memorial cup loss. Disappointing finish but the bronco's were the better team tonight.

Bronco's Punked

Courtesy Of My96. Haha

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Eastern Conference FInalists

NO doubt you've seen these already but there they are again.

Goaltender: Braden Holtby, Saskatoon Blades (unanimous)
Defenceman: Paul Postma, Calgary Hitmen (unanimous)
Defenceman: Keith Aulie, Brandon Wheat Kings
Forward: Brett Sonne, Calgary Hitmen (unanimous)
Forward: Brandon Kozun, Calgary Hitmen
Forward: Tyler Ennis, Medicine Hat Tigers

Goaltender: Martin Jones, Calgary Hitmen
Defenceman: Michael Stone, Calgary Hitmen
Defenceman: John Negrin, Swift Current Broncos
Forward: Joel Broda, Calgary Hitmen
Forward: Justin Bernhardt, Prince Albert Raiders
Forward: Brayden Schenn, Brandon Wheat Kings
Eastern Conference award finalists:
WHL Rookie of the Year, Jim Piggott Memorial Trophy: Jordan Weal, Regina Pats
WHL Goaltender of the Year, Del Wilson Trophy: Braden Holtby, Saskatoon Blades
WHL Defenceman of the Year, Bill Hunter Memorial Trophy: Paul Postma, Calgary Hitmen
WHL Most Sportsmanlike Player of the Year, Brad Hornung Trophy: Tyler Ennis, Medicine Hat Tigers
WHL Scholastic Player of the Year, Daryl K. (Doc) Seaman Trophy: Stefan Elliott, Saskatoon Blades
WHL Coach of the Year, Dunc McCallum Memorial Trophy: Lorne Molleken, Saskatoon Blades
WHL Executive of the Year, Lloyd Saunders Memorial Trophy: Kelly Kisio, Calgary Hitmen

There was some discussion on the white board about Tyler Ennis' most sportsmanlike player nomination. Some fans are arguing that a player who throws his stick, and at times doesn't show a sportsmanlike temperament, shouldn't get a finalist mention.

I partially agree and partially disagree. Ennis has been nabbed a few times taking a jab at someone behind the play. That stick throwing incident with lethbridge doesn't look to good on his sportsmanlike resume and their are times when he embellishes a trip or hook.

However being a star player who is constantly dipping in and out of traffic he takes quite a lot of crap from opponents as well. If they base the award on the ratio of non sportsmanlike crap received to dealt, then he absolutely deserves the nomination.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Quirky stats

Alan C over at http://smallatlarge.blogspot.com/ has compiled some head to head stats between the teams.

Alan's Prediction's on his blog
"No favourite here really, this is probably the most evenly matched of all the first round series this year....the two old rivals were only 7 points apart in the standings and their head-to-head matches were split 2-2. I really think you could flip a coin and have a better chance of determining the winner than any other method. I'm going to say it goes seven games, and the Tigers pull it out with a game seven OT win in Swift Current's barn."

Kooenay's play by play man Jeff Hollick has some more quirky stats like who has played the most playoff games, coaches winning % in playoffs, and that sort of stuff.
You can find his blog here http://jeffhollick.blogspot.com/2009/03/whl-playoff-stats.html

My Predictions
Well last year i was pretty horrible at predicting the outcome of the tigers first round,(I said Tigers in 7; Outcome:Kootenay in 4) Hopefully My predictions this year stink too!

I am Gonna Say Swift In 6 games. I'm basing this on the way the tigers have played during the second half of the season. The only thing that they have shown consistently in the second half was their ability to play inconsistent :). TO me it seemed like when the tigers won they struggled scoring goals in the first half of the game.

In order for the tigers to win they would need stellar goaltending performances, clutch goals on the powerplay, and their defense to play rock solid, and someone other than Tyler Ennis scoring goals.

Swift Current will be keying on Tyler Ennis, and will be matching lines every chance they get. If i was with the broncos I'm thinking shut down Ennis and you shut down 80% of the tigers offensive output. If your the tigers your probably finding ways to create room for Ennis and his line, Or HOPE they can get secondary scoring.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tiger vs Swift --Round One

MY thoughts about the Hitmen game a post below....

The tigers haven't played Swift Current Since January 10th, 2009. It will be 2 whole months and 10 days between their last regular season game, and their first playoff game. Here are a couple not so important head-to-head stats between the two teams.

Note* The tigers have not played the Broncos with their trade deadline acquisitions of Micheal Strickland and John Negrin.

4 games played total
Game1: 2-0 SC Gamesheet
Game2: 5-3 SC Gamesheet
Game3: 5-3 MH Gamesheet
Game4: 5-1 MH Gamesheet

Both records are 2-2

Tigers 13--11
Swift 11--13

Tigers PP 4/22 = .181%
Swift PP 2/19 = .105%

SHOTS 1st---2nd---3rd---total
Tigers 45 33 45 123
Swift 37 40 41 118

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tigers lose to Hitmen 4-1

Even though the tigers lost tonight they took a step in the right direction. After a so-so first ten minutes of hockey the tigers got their feet moving and played some pretty good hockey.

I haven't seen the team play that well since they lost to Vancouver back in January.
The tigers were keeping their feet moving and they were hitting everything that moved.

Ryan Holfeld played real well. He was sharp and looked pretty focused. I thought he also provided loads of support in making good quality passes when he played the puck.

I thought Kundratek looked like a star back on the point. Isherwood and Jayce Coyle I thought played one of their better games since the Christmas break. The whole team was moving the puck around much faster, and head-manning the puck MUCH better.

Travis Dunstall looks like he is lost out there.

I was disappointed in the quality of the reffing.

There were 2 occasions where one ref did the washout signaling no penalty, when the other ref blew play down and called one. On the second Calgary goal one of the calgary players pushed (with his arms) a tiger defender over, then whacked the puck into the net.

There were a couple occasions during a stoppage in play where Calgary would send out their players, then their coach would call them back and put different guys out after Willie sent his players out.

Lethbridge lost tonight so the tigers officially clinch 5th place, and will play Swift Current in round 1. I will post some stats between the two teams later in the week.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Playoff Positioning

Kootenay Lost tonight which means they CANNOT pass the tigers in the standings.
Any tiger point, or lethbridge loss of a point and the tigers clinch 5th.

Another Note: Saskatoon lost in overtime to P.A. That implicates that Saskatoon will finish 2nd. So the Brandon, and Swift remains the only teams that are possible first round matchups for the tigers.

Game Tomorow
I don't see Calgary resting any players in the game tomorrow. Calgary will need to win both games to earn the regular season title. Lets see how a moderately healthy tiger team can play against the best team in the chl.

Last time these two teams met at the arena the tigers played fairly hard, but the Hitmen kept snipping perfect shots off the post and in. Calgary's broke the game apart in the second after the tigers tied the game 3-3, and crused to an 8-4 win.

As of March 10th, the WHL lists Bretton Cameron and Tristan King as out for 1-2 weeks.
The news reported Tristan King was a game time decision last game, but did not take the re-game warmup

Like I mentioned on the tigers message board

Sean Ringrose
Brennan Bosch
Mark Isherwood
Colton grant
Jayce Coyle

If they play tomorrow they will all have played in a full 72 game season.

With this injury plagued season i find it incredible that this will be the most players playing in a full season since at least 96-97.

*The whl stats on their site only goes to year 1996-1997 so I don't know if this is the most ever, or a previous year has them beat.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Playoff Matchups

Two key events happened yesterday for the tigers.

Swift Current Beat Brandon which means the tigers are officially gone from the Home Ice advantage race.

Kootenay Lost to Edmonton

IT means kootenay has to outright win both their games against lethbridge to pass us.

The tigers can clinch 5th place with a point of any kind or if kootenay looses a point of any kind.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tiger beat Rebels 3-1

Gonna keep it brief

A solid effort tonight by the tigers. They played pretty well for the full 60 minutes. They had one little lapse in the third period but it was just for 1 shift. They were definitely hitting waaaaay more, which was good. IT made for shaky rebel hands out there.

I couldn't help but notice the rebels goaltender Darcy Kuemper. He looked huge in net, and seemed pretty calm and always square to the shooter. He also almost scored on himself.

One thing I keep forgetting to write about is, the tigers are always standing up on the bench. They are allowed to sit during radio time outs and whistles, but during play they have to stand up. I'm not sure if it has always been like that, or if its a new thing they are trying out?

Tigers needs to shoot the puck more....allot more.

John Stampohar started showing more hustle in the later stages of the game.

Colton Grant has been the unsung hero lately. I wouldn't doubt he has won the most 1v1 battles during the last 3-5 games.

I think Ryan Holfeld is still a little shaky. Tonight he didn't know where his rebounds were. That is one thing he has to improve upon is his rebounds control. He doesn't let out the big rebounds but there are tons of small rebounds that are being left near the crease.

Edit: Oh yeah another thing. They gotta cut down on those unnecessary penalties.

Last Game of the year on saturday, sheesh that went by fast. We will have to see if Calgary will rest some players.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Tigers loose another in Kootenay 5-2

Tigers played pretty well in the first period, but then Kootenay started turning the momentum. Kootenay won the season series 6-0, and is now only 1 point back with one game in hand.

Kootenay outshot the tigers 20-1 in the third period, and that was because Kootenay shot the puck in their own net.

Red Deer on tuesday.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another rough night of hockey...

...to watch from a tigers standpoint that is.

The turning point in the game was when the tigers had a 3-2 rush up the ice, and Linden Vey was hooked, interfered with and tripped a couple times, with the refs choosing not to call anything. Kootenay managed to gain control of the puck went up the ice and scored. After that the tigers unraveled and it was game over.

I thought that was a pretty pathetic non-call by the refs. The puck carrier(Vey) was pulled down in a 4-5 slash/chop sequence. There were TWO referees and they goofed that situation up big time.

There was a ton of interference, slight hooks, slight holds, throughout the whole game, it was frustrating to watch. If you missed tonights game you probably did yourself a favor.

Kootenay also did a great job at finishing thier checks and pounding the tigers into submission, during the early part of the game.

Wacey Hamilton was one of the few bright spots in the game. When he has the puck he plays in your face/dirty shirt style of hockey, and uses his body positioning to his advantage. Travis Dunstall I thought played with more heart tonight than he has shown in the past.

I am pretty disappointed in how this year has ended up for the tigers. It looked so promising at the start but they continue to get worse as the season goes along. I don't have much confidence in them getting past the first round. The tigers need to find a way to break that heavy forecheck that opposition teams are using.

Maybe they should try to play a box type system 5v5 then have a cherry picker float near the oppositions blueline....haha

Friday, March 6, 2009

Home ice is pretty much gone

This year the tigers have faced loads of adversity, but unlike years past they have not been able to overcome those challenges.

Looks like the tigers will be starting out on the Road in the first round.
The tigers lost tonight vs Regina while Swift Current pulled out a close 3-1 win over the Oil Kings.

It Means the tigers are 3 points back of swift current, with just 4 games remaining.

Right now the broncos have more wins than the tigers so that means a Tie would go to the Broncos.SO the tigers really need to make up 4 points in just 4 games.

With 2 games against Kootenay and 1 against calgary, I do not see the tigers overcoming this burden! It is too much for them to handle.

The tigers should be a bit worried about dropping further if they loose both games TO kootenay.

Tiger Playoff Tickets

The tigers Splash screen has the following information about tiger tickets:

Season Ticket Holders can pick up their tickets:
Monday March 16th to Wednesday March 18th.

Public Tickets go on sale on Thursday March 19th at 9:00 AM

Adults - $20
Youth - $16
Children - $12

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have heard that Travis Dunstall will be expected to play in the next tiger game.

He had been sent home for what the tigers are calling the "flu".

I have heard rumors from various sources that he was sent home to get his head screwed on straight. His play on the ice had been deteriorating which could have been because of his off-ice issues.

I find it strange that the team would send a player home because he had the flubug. IMO the tigers sent him home for a week to re-organize his priorities, and come back with a better work ethic, perhaps he could have had a cold as well.

Edit The Medicine Hat News is reporting that Dunstall said it was a strange Illness. However Dunstall also said he played real well the last 3 games. I still think it was something more than just being sick.

End Of Season Predictions

Their is 2 weeks remaining in the whl regular season, and the tigers are 1 point back of 4th place. That 3 point lead over Swift evaporated pretty quickly. Looking at the schedules down below I'd say swift current has an easier schedule, yes they only have 1 home game but 4/5 games are against teams they can and should beat.

The tigers play powerhouse Calgary and their Kryptonite Kootenay twice.The tigers will need at least 2 wins out of those 3 games to keep up the pressure on swift
While Regina and Red Deer will be considered must wins.

It appears as if the ball is in the Bronco's court, they would have to uncharacteristically loose to a weaker opponents for any tiger chance of catching 4th.

Tigers schedule
Kootenayx2 (H)(A)
Red Deer

Swift Current's Schedule
Red Deer(A)

Note**-It should be noted that Kootenay still has a shot of catching the tigers if they were to win both games in their Home and Home series.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Best Of The East Poll

This poll was created by Brandon What King Journalist Bruce Luebke, who writes for the Brandon Sun.

I believe he polled players from each team

Most Valuable Player to his Team
1. Braden Holtby – Saskatoon
2. Brett Sonne – Calgary
3. Justin Bernhardt – Prince Albert

Best Goaltender
1. Braden Holtby – Saskatoon
2. Martin Jones – Calgary
3. Travis Yonkman – Swift Current

Top Rookie
1. Jordan Weal – Regina
2. Burke Gallimore – Saskatoon
3. Mark Pysyk – Edmonton

Best 16-Year old Player
1. Jordan Weal – Regina
2. Mark Pysyk – Edmonton
3. Ryan Harrison – Prince Albert

Best Stay at Home Defenceman
1. Keith Aulie – Brandon
2. Ben Wright – Lethbridge/Alex Plante – Calgary (tie)

Best Offensive Defenceman
1. Paul Postma – Calgary
2. Eric Doyle – Swift Current
3. Michael Stone – Calgary

Best 20-year old Player
1. Kyle Bortis – Calgary
2. Justin Bernhardt – Prince Albert
3. Andrew Clark – Brandon

Best Pro Prospect
1. Brayden Schenn – Brandon
2. Zach Boychuk – Lethbridge
3. Jordan Eberle – Regina

Top Defensive Forward
1. Carson McMillan – Calgary
2. Carter Bancks – Lethbridge
3. Drew Hoff – Lethbridge

Top Face-off Man
1. Brett Sonne – Calgary
2. Jason Bast – Moose Jaw
3. Brent Raedeke – Edmonton

Best Skater
1. Tyler Ennis – Medicine Hat
2. Zach Boychuk – Lethbridge
3. Brandon Kozun – Calgary

Hardest Shot
1. Jyri Niemi – Saskatoon
2. Michael Stone – Calgary
3. Paul Postman – Calgary/Joel Broda – Calgary (Tie)

Most Accurate Shot
1. Jordan Eberle – Regina
2. Joel Broda – Calgary
3. Zach Boychuk – Lethbridge

Toughest Player
1. Matt McCue – Medicine Hat
2. Teigan Zahn – Saskatoon
3. Ian Schultz – Calgary

Most Irritating Player
1. Kyle Beach – Lethbridge
2. Charles Inglis – Saskatoon
3. Ian Barteaux – Kootenay

Opposing Player you Respect the Most
1. Brett Sonne – Calgary
2. Tyler Ennis – Medicine Hat
3. Jordan Eberle – Regina

Best Coach
1. Dave Lowry – Calgary
2. Lorne Molleken – Saskatoon
3. Willie Desjardins – Medicine Hat

Best Executive
1. Kelly Kisio – Calgary
2. Kelly McCrimmon – Brandon
3. Lorne Molleken – Saskatoon

Best Referee
1. Chris Savage
2. Regan Vetter
3. Andy Thiessen

Best Fans
1. Medicine Hat
2. Calgary
3. Regina

Question #1 – Would you be in favour of making changes to rules regarding fighting in the WHL?

No – 23
Yes - 6

Question #2 – Would you like to see the limit of 20-year old players raised from the current three?

No – 6
Yes - 24

Question #3 – Would you like to see the number of import players reduced from the current two?

No – 17
Yes – 13

Question #4 – Would you be in favour of further expansion of the WHL above the current 22 teams?

No – 21
Yes – 9

Question #5 – Do you like the currently Canada/Russia Challenge format?

No – 22
Yes – 7