Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another rough night of hockey... watch from a tigers standpoint that is.

The turning point in the game was when the tigers had a 3-2 rush up the ice, and Linden Vey was hooked, interfered with and tripped a couple times, with the refs choosing not to call anything. Kootenay managed to gain control of the puck went up the ice and scored. After that the tigers unraveled and it was game over.

I thought that was a pretty pathetic non-call by the refs. The puck carrier(Vey) was pulled down in a 4-5 slash/chop sequence. There were TWO referees and they goofed that situation up big time.

There was a ton of interference, slight hooks, slight holds, throughout the whole game, it was frustrating to watch. If you missed tonights game you probably did yourself a favor.

Kootenay also did a great job at finishing thier checks and pounding the tigers into submission, during the early part of the game.

Wacey Hamilton was one of the few bright spots in the game. When he has the puck he plays in your face/dirty shirt style of hockey, and uses his body positioning to his advantage. Travis Dunstall I thought played with more heart tonight than he has shown in the past.

I am pretty disappointed in how this year has ended up for the tigers. It looked so promising at the start but they continue to get worse as the season goes along. I don't have much confidence in them getting past the first round. The tigers need to find a way to break that heavy forecheck that opposition teams are using.

Maybe they should try to play a box type system 5v5 then have a cherry picker float near the oppositions blueline....haha

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Tiger 9 said...

The Tigers have sucked down the stretch, but what did you expect with guys like Stampohar, Frazer, Koper, Grant - IMO Junior A calibre players?? Gal could be added to that list as well, shows that he belongs in the WHL, every 1 in 5 games. Add new comers Kessey and Douskey in the lineup, we don't have the team on ice or paper that stacks up to most teams in our division. With this roster we were lucky to have a strong start, cause without that we miss the playoffs or are fighting for the last spot..IMO Next year will be worse, actually bad, very bad!