Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Broncs wallop Tigers 5-2

With the huge groan by the fans before gametime when the refs were announced, you could almost feel the foreshadowing of what was about to happen.

The opening first couple of minutes the tigers came out flying.
The Ennis Vey Bosch line had Yonkman down and out about 2 times in the same shift, but they just couldn't get a handle on the puck. Ennis also rang IRON moments later.

That missed chance would come back to bite them in the butt. Soon after the broncos had an odd man rush the other way, and Justin Dowling went forehand to backhand and roofed the puck over Holfeld's blocker. That play in the opening five minutes was the tsn turning point, as the tigers never really recovered. The Noise of the crowd after that was kept relatively quiet, the broncos played one hell of a road game

The tigers got beat 1v1 way to many times. Swift Current had at least 10 really really good scoring chances from the slot area. You cant win hockey games like that.

I thought the broncos were absolutely dominating the tigers in the psychical play department. The bronco's outworked them, out chanced them, outhit them,played better on their special teams, and it wore the tigers down. If it wasn't for Ryan Holfeld the score could have been much worse. The broncos played their game hard, and the tigers didn't respond well enough.

Swift Current Fans were well represented tonight. They had 2 good cheering sections, ringing their cowbells and IMO it really gave swift current a steady influx of energy. The tigers management couldn't have placed the broncos fans in a worse spot. Right in behind their bench to give their team momentum(lol)

The attendance tonight was 3995. 11 fans short of a sellout.


I though guys Like Jayce Coyle, and Mark Isherwood played fairly solid game. Matt McCue had an up and down game, he made some nice passes, but also gave the puck away and whiffed on 3 passes throughout the game. Tristan King in his first game back was hearing footsteps on the ice, no doubt it takes a game or two to get used to the pace again

The tigers needed Linden Vey and the top line to have better games. Vey's soft pass to the tigers Dman was easily intercepted and it helped create the bronco's first goal. Vey also failed to lay out any body checks.

Ryan Holfeld played really well in goal. Colton Grant logged a ton of ice time, and played a pretty good game. I thought Bo Montgomery and Thomas Kundratek had off nights, both were fighting the puck a bit.

Other than Holfeld and Colton grant no one else stood out for me from the tigers point ov view.

On the bronco's side I thought Negrin and Dowling played really well. Their were a couple bronco's who looked like tanks out their finishing their checks and not going overboard taking penalties.


Mike Walsh said...

Thanks for the recap. After reading Keen's blog, I expected you would see lots of Bronco fans tonight and probably tomorrow.

Sounds like the score could have been worse. Hopefully the Tigers rebound in game 4.

TigerTurf said...

Like Willie would say: we need to be better!...haha