Saturday, March 21, 2009

Game 2 - Tigers @ Bronco's


Well Last Night the Tigers found out what kind of team they are up against. The bronco's came out hard and were quite physical throughout the hockey game. They were using the modified trap that Kootenay employs, which the tigers haven't been able to figure out for a few years. The tigers looked a little tired in the third period in game 1.

I will be here again providing up-to-date text commenting throughout the game as best i can.

Keys To The Game

  1. Special Teams

    • The tigers have to limit the bronco's powerplay opportunities. Keep it simple with thier own PP. Enter the zone with force, then fire shots on net with traffic

  2. Break The Trap

    • The Tigers Need to find away to break this trap, the broncos' have employed. The more times they break it, the less time spent in thier own end. The tigers will need their offense to stay in the bronco's end as much as possible to give their defense an easier time.

  3. Secondary Scoring

    • Tigers Need someone other than Tyler Ennis to get the offense going. They need to get those garbage goals they were getting in the beginning of the year

  4. Play Physical

    • Hit everything that moves without going over the edge. The good physical teams make contact as many times as they can. It makes the opposition aware that they are going to get hit when they touch the puck, and sometimes they start hearing footsteps.

  5. Goaltending & Forward Backchecking

    • Ryan Holfeld played a good game last night. Tigers will need him to play just as good or better. The forwards need to do a better job in getting to loose pucks and clearing the zone. They were late getting to the puck in their zone too often

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