Friday, March 27, 2009

Broncos Win Game 5: 5-3

-Will give updates throughout the game. Watching via webcast.

Refs: Reagan Vetter (79), Referee
Trevor Hanson, Referee

Thought I had it up here, but guess not. Tristan King was scratched tonight. Stampohar and THomas Carr dress in his and McCue's spot.

First Period

Tiger Goal

Shot from the point and Bretton Cameron was johhny on the spot banging in the rebound
M.H Cameron, (3) (Grant, Kundratek), 1:04

Yonkman just robbed Dunstall who had a great chance whacking a puck out in front
Brutal play Ennis just got sandwiched by 2 broncos..a penalty if i ever saw call. Coincidental penalties 4 on 4 hockey for 2 minutes.

Geordie Wudrick Knocked Isherwood over into the net, and the tigers will get an abbreviated 4on3 power play.

Tiger Goal

Tyler Ennis just wired one from the point, beat Yonkman clean.
M.H Ennis, (8) (Isherwood, Bosch), 5:20 (PP)

Swift Current just rang the post, straight off the face off.
Travis Dunstall had a 2on1 with Okal but held on to the puck too long and didn't really get a shot off. Lots of pushing and shoving after the whistle today.

Broncos just Hit Montgomery from behind. That was plain dirty as he got double teamed, and rammed from behind. Montgomery looks like he's hurt. Holfeld just made a nice save on a awkward 3on2.

Bronco Goal

Cody Eakin squeaked behind cody carlson on a nice feed and managed to get a partial breakaway and he beat holfeld. THomas Kundratek looks like he's limping, and Montgomery has gone to the room.
1. S.C Eakin, (1) (Wudrick, Rogers), 10:08

Jace Coyle gets called for a penalty. Dont really like the call, borderline IMO.

Bronco Goal

A shot from the point bounced right in front of the net and Cody Eakin scored top corner.
S.C Eakin, (2) (Negrin, Stickland), 13:26 (PP)

Grrr my feed is cutting out. During that Time John Negrin is getting a penalty. Bronco's get a breakaway and Ryan Holfeld makes a great save. 4on4 hockey as Thomas Kundratek is getting a penalty. Tigers had a 3on1 but Colton Grant mishandled the puck. Good News Bo Montgomery is back on the bench.

Bronco's Jan Dalecky hooks up a tiger off the face off and the tigers get a powerplay. Linden Vey makes a Boneheaded decision and almost gives Cody Eakin a clear cut breakaway, Vey is forced to grab on to him and gets a penalty.

End of First

The tigers started off really strong scoring 2 quick goals. Then Cody Eakin comes out of the woodwork for the broncos and pots 2 goals. The broncos started really playing physical at the end of the period, and are starting to control the momentum.
I dont like the fact that the broncos got away with 2 double teams on tigers players. One was a hit from behind on Bo Montgomery, and the other was a mid ice hit on Tyler Ennis.

Second Period

It will be 4on4 hockey for 42 seconds, then the broncos get a 44 second powerplay.

Yonkman just stone Tyler Ennis on a tic tac toe 3on2. Tigers coming on strong getting some chances.Colton grant just hit the post on a 2on1.

Tiger Goal

SEAN RINGROSE...Tigers were all over swift in their own end. Ringrose let a hard wrist shot go from the slot and beat Yonkman.
M.H Ringrose, (2) (Okal, Isherwood), 4:48

Stampohar takes a dumb penalty, over aggressive and holds onto a bronco player in the offensive zone.Killed it off. Broncos starting to come on a bit.

Tyler Ennis just got creamed from behind into the boards again. Cody Eakin with his second hit from behind in the game...tigers on the powerplay. Tigers got quite a few shots in close but Yonkman stood his ground.

Travis Dunstall had a modified breakaway, a nice steal from Cody Eakin. Didn't manage to get a shot as he was stick-checked in tight.

Tigers getting a penalty Breton Cameron came in to try and hit Cody Eakin but partly missed and caused a tiger defender to lose one hand on his stick and the tiger got a penalty.

Tigers had a 3on1 shorthanded rush, and the puck hopped over Colton Grant's stick on an empty net. The game is opening up now. Both teams going back and forth hammering shots on net.

Bronco Goal

Joel Rogers took a slapper from the point, and a seeing eye shot somehow found its way into the net. Tie game with seconds left in the second period.
S.C Rogers, (1) (Wudrick), 18:44

Keegan Danserau is down on the ice. Announcers not sure what happened. Looks like he was tired and fell awkwardly?

End of Second

Well the tigers looked pretty good this period. The broncos kept turning the puck over and the tigers had numerous odd man rushes. Towards the end of the period both teams were trading chances. The broncos managed to get a lucky bounce with a seeing eye shot that found net.Shots on goal so far is 33-28 Bronco's. Lets hope that the tigers key players still have gas left in the tank. The fans are really getting into it, and thats gotta give swift an extra boost.

Third Period

Doh audio fed cutting out. Both teams are trading Icings early in the third.Ooh that coulda been a penalty John Negrin had Wacey Hamilton wrapped up. OK now broncos micheal Strickland is getting a penalty, tigers on the PP.

Bronco Goal

damn. I could feel that coming ever since the period started. Strickland came out of the box fired a shot off the post, and Wagner tapped in an easy rebound.
S.C Wagner, (2) (Stickland, McAvoy), 6:14

10 minutes left in the third..getting no sound, I'm not impressed.
The broncos are playing really physical, a tiger just limped off the ice.

Broncos just came ooh so close to scoring. 8 minutes left.Yikes Ringrose has got to be more careful, he could have easily been called for 2 penalties there.Tigers had a 2on1 no dice. Coincidental penalties in a little scrum( I've gotten word that a tiger player(Hamilton, or Cameron) checked a bronco from behind which sparked the ruckus)

Kundratek just got his feet knocked from underneath him, should of been a kneeing penalty.ACK feed is cutting out again....3:13 left....1:19 left.

The bronco's are doing a really good job at clearing out their zone, tigers cant get any pressure...Goalie pulled..30 seconds left Timeout tigers.

Bronco Goal

Empty Netter S.C Eakin, (3) (Negrin, Dowling), 19:39 (EN)

End of Third

How nice they restore the audio feed just as the broncos score their 5th goal. SO ironic, it was such a close game Tigers get a powerplay then Strickland comes out of the box gets a 2on2 and the bronco's score. It was a pretty entertaining game to watch. The game could have gone either way. The tigers had the lead for a majority of the game then the broncos got a lucky goal, and a good break out of the penalty box for another goal.

Game 6 Goes Sunday In Medicine Hat
Season ticket holders have one day left to pick up theit tickets. C'mon Tiger fans we need to be LOUD, LOUD LOUD on sunday.


Mike Walsh said...

Sounds like both teams fans are complaining about the refs. Must have been your typical WHL ref job then. Tough luck on the loss, you will win game 6.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that is an 'interesting' recap of the game. Did your video feed cut out when the Bronc's Stickland was hammered from behind into the boards, which then resulted in 4 minor penalties for roughing? Appreciate the play by play recap, but keep it consistent.

TigerTurf said...

Lol actually yeah I did not see the play. I was tabbed out writing stuff on the blog and in the process of getting Ridley's feed on the internet. I came back to a pile of bodies on the ice, and I had no idea what happened.

-thanks for pointing that out