Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Quirky stats

Alan C over at has compiled some head to head stats between the teams.

Alan's Prediction's on his blog
"No favourite here really, this is probably the most evenly matched of all the first round series this year....the two old rivals were only 7 points apart in the standings and their head-to-head matches were split 2-2. I really think you could flip a coin and have a better chance of determining the winner than any other method. I'm going to say it goes seven games, and the Tigers pull it out with a game seven OT win in Swift Current's barn."

Kooenay's play by play man Jeff Hollick has some more quirky stats like who has played the most playoff games, coaches winning % in playoffs, and that sort of stuff.
You can find his blog here

My Predictions
Well last year i was pretty horrible at predicting the outcome of the tigers first round,(I said Tigers in 7; Outcome:Kootenay in 4) Hopefully My predictions this year stink too!

I am Gonna Say Swift In 6 games. I'm basing this on the way the tigers have played during the second half of the season. The only thing that they have shown consistently in the second half was their ability to play inconsistent :). TO me it seemed like when the tigers won they struggled scoring goals in the first half of the game.

In order for the tigers to win they would need stellar goaltending performances, clutch goals on the powerplay, and their defense to play rock solid, and someone other than Tyler Ennis scoring goals.

Swift Current will be keying on Tyler Ennis, and will be matching lines every chance they get. If i was with the broncos I'm thinking shut down Ennis and you shut down 80% of the tigers offensive output. If your the tigers your probably finding ways to create room for Ennis and his line, Or HOPE they can get secondary scoring.

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