Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Seventh Heaven Tigers Win 4-1

Fan 960 AM in Calgary will carry the bronco's radio feed as well. I sure hope the tigers can win. Obviously injuries are in the tiger favor, but sometimes that can be HUGE motivation for the opposing team.

Current Score: 4-1 Tigers

First Period

Tigers Goal

Okal on a rebound. Tigers all over them in the opening frame. The broncos had a 3-1 rush but didn't get a shot.
M.H Okal, (3) (Montgomery, Ennis), 1:29

Broncos getting some chances. Tigers are going on the powerplay, A bronco elbowed Travis Dunstall.Broncos got a shorthanded rush and did a reverse wrap around but hit the post.Power play over.

Okal Just smashed Bronco player Taylor Vause, on a good clean open Ice hit.

Broncos all over the tigers.

Bronco's Goal

There was a scrum behind the goal line and the puck somehow found its way right in front of the net. Where Micheal Strickland was wide open.
S.C Stickland, (2) (Peddle), 9:21

Action opening up a little. Radio Timeout. Kundratek looks like he's hurt, grabbing his arm. Broncos ALL OVER the tigers. They got caught with their 4th line out there and were standing around. It took Ryan Holfeld to clear the puck and get a whistle.
Tigers finally get our of their end and get a shot on net. Bronco's are dominating the period. Isherwood turned the puck over but luckily nothing came of it. Tigers are having trouble skating out of their own end. 4:07 left in the first.

Tigers are looking like their gripping their stick a little tight. Not really going all out.Derek Claffy just rang the post on a point shot. Tigers need something to give them a boost.

Tigers Goal

3-2 Tiger Rush Linden Vey dropped it back for Travis Dunstall. He wired a hard shot and Ringrose put in the rebound.
M.H Ringrose, (3) (Dunstall, Vey), 19:12

End Of Period

Well The bronco's I thought played pretty well in the first. Aside from the first couple minutes, and last couple minutes the bronco's were all over the tigers. The tigers got a couple good breaks off of rebounds and take a 2-1 lead into the second period.
Shots 16-11 in the Bronco's favor.

2nd Period

Nothing too dangerous in the opening minutes. McCue crunched a bronco in the corner.

Tigers Goal

Bronco's miscommunicated on the blueline and Okal stole the puck. Zdenek Okal was all alone on a breakaway and went 5-hole.
M.H Okal, (4) , 3:23

Okal just destroyed Taylor Vause, on an open Ice Hit. Then Bo Montgomery was hit into the bronco bench. 4on4 play for 2 mins. Broncos good a good chance, hard work down low a point shot and Holfeld managed to stop the rebound.

Linden Vey almost fooled Yonkman. A 1 on 3 rush and Vey Used the defender as a screen, and it looked like Yonkman almost bobbled it. Radio Time Out.

You can hear the tigers fans in the background chanting Yonkman.

Linden Vey was hammered from the side along the boards . However the broncos will now get a penalty as Joel Rogers took a unnecessary shot at Brennan Bosch. Tigers would keep some good pressure on the bronco's with numerous shots that went wide, officially but didn't get a shot on net.

The tigers put the joey Frazer, gal and Carr line on and again the broncos manage some good chances.

Bo Montgomery caught bronco Jan Dalecky, with his head down and dangling near the blueline and looks to be in a great deal of pain. Looks to be OK as he skates off on his own power. 1:01 left in the second period. John Negrin looks frustrated as he is starting to trash talk after the play.

End Of Second Period

Well the tigers got a big breakaway goal from Zdenek Okal to put the tigers up two, and then broncos looked like they are starting to sit back a little. The tigers are doing all the simple plays, and not putting themselves out of position. The shots are 31-17 in favor of the broncos, i think that figure may be generous. Broncos are getting allot of shots but the tigers are doing a good job at clearing rebounds, and Ryan Holfeld is doing a good job at gobbling those shots up. This last period is going to be difficult to watch. The last game the tigers were up in swift, the broncos dominated period 3.

Third Period

The refs have let the boys play and have only called 2 bronco penalties. No doubt the Bronco's will be throwing all they can at the tigers, lets hope they can hold the fort.

Third Period Underway. Tigers keep pressure in the broncos end, and their is a little scrum. Lots of whistle at the start. Bo Montgomery hammers another bronco at the blueline. Matt McCue hit from behind by John Negrin and the broncos are getting a penalty. McCue limped off the ice. Geordie Wudrick hammered by Thomas Kundratek, knocked his helmet off. Powerplay over.

Zdenek Okal grabs ah old of john Negrin's stick and the bronco's get their first powerplay off the game. Powerplay over.

Tigers get a 2on1, a nice steal from Travis Dunstall. Tigers have their arms up. Looks like no-goal but they'll review it. NO GOAL.

9:15 left in the game. Radio timeout

Tigers get a modified 2on1 rush, and Bretton Cameron takes a hard slapshot. Yonkman with the save. The tigers are staying back trying to protect the lead. Ohhh no video feed don't start cutting out now.

5:51 left in the game. Broncos hit the crossbar on a rifle from the point. 4:10 left
Linden Vey had a clearcut breakaway , but Travis Yonkman robbed him. IT looked like Vey was going 5-hole and Yonkman stacked the pads.

Tigers Ice the puck 2:41 left in the third. The Broncos take a Timeout. Broncos pull their goalie. 2:21 Left.

Tigers Goal

3. M.H Bosch, (5) (Ennis), 18:12 (EN)

4th line gets their first shift of the period
Total shots 41-20

End Of Series


Mike Walsh said...

Congrats to the Tigers. I had a feeling they would come back in the series once I found that the Broncos lost those 2 key players but full marks to the Tigers. I would sure like to knock you guys out next round :)

Anonymous said...

What is with Tigers fans and yelling go Tigers during O Canada? WOW who let these pigs out of the barn?

Anonymous said...

Alot of the tiger fans are Barbaric and just plain rude, you can't even cheer for the opposition without getting harrassed or asked to go outside. They take the word "passion" to a whole new level. Won't be going back any time soon as I fear for my life. Sad but true !!

Anonymous said...

We don't want you back!

Anonymous said...

# 2 Anonomous and # 3 anonomous, thats called passion! And not once, have i ever been asked to step outside, or challenged physically. I have in Swift Current and MooseJaw, but never in the Hat! Anyway, Congrats to Willie D and the Tigers!!!! There are a lot of sweet things in life, but none sweeter than beating these Bronco's in the first round! The Bronco's were arrogant all year, i wonder if they feel arrogant right about now....? Go Tigers!!!
Bob Orr