Thursday, March 5, 2009


I have heard that Travis Dunstall will be expected to play in the next tiger game.

He had been sent home for what the tigers are calling the "flu".

I have heard rumors from various sources that he was sent home to get his head screwed on straight. His play on the ice had been deteriorating which could have been because of his off-ice issues.

I find it strange that the team would send a player home because he had the flubug. IMO the tigers sent him home for a week to re-organize his priorities, and come back with a better work ethic, perhaps he could have had a cold as well.

Edit The Medicine Hat News is reporting that Dunstall said it was a strange Illness. However Dunstall also said he played real well the last 3 games. I still think it was something more than just being sick.

End Of Season Predictions

Their is 2 weeks remaining in the whl regular season, and the tigers are 1 point back of 4th place. That 3 point lead over Swift evaporated pretty quickly. Looking at the schedules down below I'd say swift current has an easier schedule, yes they only have 1 home game but 4/5 games are against teams they can and should beat.

The tigers play powerhouse Calgary and their Kryptonite Kootenay twice.The tigers will need at least 2 wins out of those 3 games to keep up the pressure on swift
While Regina and Red Deer will be considered must wins.

It appears as if the ball is in the Bronco's court, they would have to uncharacteristically loose to a weaker opponents for any tiger chance of catching 4th.

Tigers schedule
Kootenayx2 (H)(A)
Red Deer

Swift Current's Schedule
Red Deer(A)

Note**-It should be noted that Kootenay still has a shot of catching the tigers if they were to win both games in their Home and Home series.

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