Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tigers Beat Bronco's 6-2

Game Over 6-2 Tigers

Dan Cowley (76), Referee
Pat Smith (12), Referee
John Stampohar Scratched, Thomas Carr Dressed in his spot

First Period

McCue with a Big Hit on Bronco Gordie Wudrick.
Tigers playing solid so far. Bronco's almost had a breakaway chance

Tiger goal
McCue shot it from the point and Sean Ringrose Tipped it in.
M.H Ringrose, (1) (McCue, Isherwood), 4:34
1-0 Tigers

Coincidental Penalties...4on4 play
Bronco's pass the puck right in front of their bench and get a Penalty for too many obvious call

Tiger goal

Good work on the PP. Swift almost got the puck then the tigers passed it down low and got a couple shots on net....yonkman was sprawled out of position and Brennan Bosch potted it in.
M.H Bosch, (1) (Ennis, Isherwood), 7:36 (PP)
2-0 Tigers

Tiger goal
Brennan Bosch was going wide, was in behind the goal-line, shot it and it squeaked through.
M.H Bosch, (2) (Vey, Coyle), 9:50
3-0 Tigers

Bronco's had a glorious chance, and it forced Ennis to take a penalty. Tigers will be shorthanded for 2 minutes. Bronco's didn't even get a shot, good work by the tigers. 4:50 left in the first period.

Tigers on the powerplay....Weird call..refs choose to pick one guy outta the scrum.
OOOH what a chance for the tigers, okal had a mini 2v1 down low, but the goalie poke checked it. Bronco's Taylor Vase hit the post on a close chance on a bronco 2v1.
Thomas Kundratek took a long wristshot from the point and it almost trickled in. Both teams starting to trade chances at the end of the first.

First Period Summary

Tigers outshot the bronco's 13-3, and have controlled the majority of the play. You can definitely hear the tiger fans out there tonight making noise. The tigers managed to get some shots on the net, and have gotten favorable bounced. Brennan Bosch with 2 goals, and Sean Ringrose with the nice tip in.

The tigers have done a way better job clearing their end, and have thrown everything on net, and have gotten rewarded so far.

Second Period

McCue fired it into his own bench almost nailed Late hit on KUndratek from a Bronco player and no call.

Mark Isherwood with a lazy giveaway, passed the puck 5 feet in front of his D partner going DtoD and the broncos had a partial breakaway. Tigers shorthanded.

Bronco's get a penalty for interference...2 players collided at the blueline...tigers get lucky..penalty coulda gone both ways..Danserau gets called
4on4 play then the tigers get a short PP

OOO Yonkman robs Linden Vey on a cross ice pass/shot.

Bronco's turn up the heat. Wudrick had a partial breakaway. Joey Frazer trips up a bronco player, and the BRonco's get the powerplay.

Swift Goal
Negrin, (1) (Doyle, Dansereau), 7:54 (PP)
Negrin rifled a shot through alot of traffic in front, not sure if it was deflected or not
3-1 Tigers

Bronco building coming to life. The broncos are starting to control the play, and the game is getting chippy. Hardly any whistles. The broncos are hammering the tigers in their own end. You sorta feel like if the tigers don't switch the momentum soon the broncos will score. 5:30 left in the second Bronco's still playing really strong, they have the tigers on their heels.

Broncos going on the powerplay. Colton Grant got an accidental stick in the legs of a bronco dangling at the blueline.

Swift Goal
S.C Vause, (2) (Doyle, Negrin), 17:16 (PP)
Broncos shot it from the point, Holfeld made an amazing save but got no help from his Dmen....
3-2 Tigers

Matt McCue made a bad decision tried to go on a rush and got stripped. It ended with a 2on1 broncos rush at the Buzzer. Looks like their will be penalties to start the third

Second Period Summary

The broncos adjusted to the tigers new breakout. The tigers forwards just plain sucked getting pucks out of their own end. The broncos controlled the play the whole period. The tigers sat back too much. The bronco's really controlled the play physically as well

Third Period

Tigers starting out shorthanded. Matt McCue Got a roughing penalty.Didn't really see it on the webcast on what he did. It looked like another call where the ref picked one player out of the scrum.

So far so good. Tigers managed to dump it down the ice three times, and swift cant get anything started. Cody Eakin taking a tripping penalty, another accidental trip call. 4-4 then the tigers get a PP.

Bronco's just got a glorious chance but Holfeld made a nice play. Coincidental penalties to Konan and Wagner.

Bronco's got a 2on1, bad pinch by the tigers Dman. Bronco's pressing the tigers early. Tigers look unorganized not making sharp plays...tired already?

Tigers getting back on track a little. They got a couple shots in swifts zone.

Tiger goal
Shot from the redline. Yonkman bobbled it. Covered it, then uncovered it, covered it again, then uncovered it, Ennis came racing in and poked it in. It looked like the ref told him to play it, or miscommunication from his defense
Ennis, (3) , 5:27

4-2 Tigers

Tigers are back to playing decently defensively......Nail biting time
Tigers going on the powerplay. Hamilton took a hit from behind from MacAvoy who had his stick up.

Tiger goal
M.H Hamilton, (1) (Kundratek, Gal), 9:41 (PP)

Kundratek with a blast from the point. Someone tipped it says the broncos color man
5-2 Tigers

jeers of Yonkman filling the air in the bronco arena. A tiger fan was just hauled out of the arena by security. Bronco's look deflated as the intensity came down a few notches, the tigers getting a couple more scoring chances. Tigers are now playing defensively using their 5 man trap in the neutral zone.

Tigers going on the PP. Broncos getting frustrated, Macavoy taking a roughing penalty

Tigers getting all kinds of chances on the PP.

Tiger goal
Matt McCue blasted a shot from the point, the puck went up in the air and somehow ended in the back of swifts net.
McCue, (1) (Isherwood), 19:16 (PP)
6-2 Tigers


THe bronco's started out killing off Matt Mcue's penalty and they gave the bronco's nothing. However as soon as the powerplay ended, swift started getting some good chances. Then Travis Yonkman has some poor miscomunication with his defense and the tigers pounced. The bronco's looked a little deflated after that and the tiger kept on from their.

Game Summary

The goals the tigers scored were a little odd, but they capitalized on their chances, and threw pucks on net. Holfeld outplayed Yonkman. From what I understand the tigers had loads of fans there tonight, and helped cheer on the tigers.

3 stars

1. M.H - 9 Brennan Bosch
2. S.C - 7 John Negrin
3. M.H - 22 Tyler Ennis

What a big win. Goes to show throw anything at all on the net, and you can get some lucky bounces. The tigers finished 3 for 6 on the powerplay which was exactly what they needed to do. Tigers outshot Swift 34-24. Series Tied 1-1

Games 3 & 4 go Tuesday and Wednesday Night in Medicine Hat.
Their are still tickets available, but expectations are they will sell quick with this win.


Mike Walsh said...

Nice start to the game. Is the game one sided or is it even with the Tigers converting their chances?

TigerTurf said...

bronco's look a little hesitant in the first. Not completely one-sided but the tigers are winning alot of the battles. Yonkman looks a little shaky

Mike Walsh said...

WOW. You end up running away with the game. I thought after the 2nd that the Broncos would end up getting the game tied up. Congrats on getting the series even as they had back to the Hat.

TigerTurf said...

I was getting nervous. Kinda had that sinking feeling, but the tigers sure turned it around.