Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tigers Tie up the Series

Almost a complete opposite of yesterday night. With the win tonight the tigers are guaranteed another Home game. Tickets for Season Ticket Holders go on sale tomorrow morning.

THe broncos started out playing pretty hard. In the opening moments Wacey Hamilton stuck out his foot and tripped up a bronco defender behind the Bronco Net and Swift was awarded a powerplay.

ON the powerplay Ryan Molle slapped a hard pass along the ice wide and Bronco Mike brown tapped it in past Ryan Holfeld.

A shift Later the TSN turning point struck but this time in favor for the tigers. Matt McCue absolutely Hammered Bronco Eric Doyle.

As Doyle was skating in McCue sort of hesitated a second to fake a soft rub out, then blasted him into the boards. Doyle Immediately went down in pain, and it took him a few minutes for the Bronco's training staff to help him up off the ice. I would guess that he had some sort of concussion as he didn't return. The tigers would then go on to score three goals in the first period, letting the arena come alive.

As soon as swift Current started putting pressure on the tigers, the Broncos would get caught hanging on to the puck, and give the tigers an odd man rush the other way.

Unfortunately for them Tyler Ennis was on alot of those odd man rushes and made the bronco's pay. Ennis ended up with a hat-trick including a short handed goal.
Bretton Cameron also had a 2 goal game both shots from the high slot area. He also missed on a breakaway chance.

The tigers played much better tonight. They made more of the little plays that got them out of the zone, and made it hard for the broncs to establish their physical game.

The tigers were able to establish their forecheck more, and Yonkman didn't make the good saves that lets a team win the game. John Negrin must have played at least 30 mins of hockey, he was out their every second shift.For swift I thought Taylor Vause had a really good game. HE looked pretty dangerous and made a couple nice moves in tight. Their powerplay also looked pretty deadly.

Negrin would skate almost the length of the blueline to get a good shot opportunity, and he would either shoot once the tigers switched defenders trying to block the shot, or pass it once he dragged his player out of position.

I thought the reffing these last 2 games aren't doing the tigers any favors. The calls were going slightly in favor of the bronco's because: None of the interference is being called, the broncos like to use those pick plays, but the tripping and hooking is being called.

The tigers are the ones doing more tripping and hooking and the broncos are getting away with some interference.

Player thoughts

I thought Matt McCue and Mark Isherwood played phenominal. McCue is playing like he did when he first got here. Taking time to make a good pass and making smart decisions. Jayce coyle is stepping up providing the tigers with someone who can skate the puck out of his end without making a boneheaded play. Colton Grant has also played outstanding. His ice time has increased and he's making the most of his chances.

Bretton Cameron was another player that stood out for me. He played amazing along the boards, and was rewarded with 3 prime scoring chances converting on 2 of them. I haven't really mentioned Brennan Bosch lately but he is leading by example out on the ice. He has been working very hard and playing well.

Game 5 Friday in swift Current. The tigers are sending a fan bus up there. Well IMO each team has rotated turns in clearly being the better team. Lets hope allot of fans make the trip to swift Current Friday, and the tigers can come out with a victory.

The attendance tonight was 3962. 44 fans short of a sellout


Anonymous said...

So do you think McCue will be suspended for his hit on Doyle?

TigerTurf said...

Some fans impeded my view on the hit right before impact, so I couldn't get a good view on it.

The replay(on tigerstv) is just too blurry and the board ad behind them has a black spot right at impact.

I looked at it numerous times and Couldn't tell if it was a forearm or the forearm was tucked beside his body and the shoulder made contact.

You could also make a case that McCue left his feet, although the replay I watched sucked something terrible and all i could tell was his feet were off the ground at some point.

Its possible mCcue could get a game suspension if the Bronco's manage to send in a tape with conclusive evidence.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the ass kicking last night boys! I/We cannot stand those arrogant Bronco's, or their followers. And especially their play by play guy, who is more arrogant than them all. Great hit on the physical play...keep hammering them hard, theyre soft. Even with Yonkman's cousin officiating, could they beat us, oh thats Byblow by the way, arguably the leagues worst zebra. Nice playoff beard by Wudrick by the way, shows his family roots, with wool growing on his back and face....nice. Go Tigers!!

Anonymous said...

oops...sorry, i didnt sign the last post, its not really MR Orr, but the signing is for the greatest palyer ever to don on the skates. Go Tigers!
Bob Orr