Friday, March 20, 2009

Swift Takes Game 1 with a 4-2 Win

Game Over: 4-2 broncos Win take 1-0 Series Lead
Watching Via Webcast

Bretton Cameron is back. Tristan King is a scratch.

First Period

Tigers starting out pretty slow, still having troubles getting out of thier end

TIGERS GOAL (1-0 Tigers)
Tyler Ennis on the POWERPLAY Linden Vey with the assist!

First Period SUM
The broncos game out hard. The tigers looked nervous, their passes were not tape to tape, and their were too many times where they did not clear the zone.Ryan Holfeld came up big stopping alot of shots with traffic in front of him. The tigers would score first on the powerplay. Linden Vey fed a pass across the ice to Tyler Ennis who buried it behind Travis Yonkman. The refs are calling almost everything. A total of 7 powerplays for both teams combined.

Second Period

Tigers have come out on the powerplay and have started off working real hard and getting a couple good chances.
(Lol the audio is cutting out from the web feed and jon keen is starting to sound like a chipmunk)

PHEW! fast action Swift Got a couple 2 on 1 chances but fanned or holfeld stopped em. Action has picked up.

Bronco Goal (1-1 Tie)
Uh-oh 5-3 for swift. Jayce Coyle took an unnecessary wack at a bronco player.
and the tigers pay for it. Swift drew the 1 tiger defender up high, the the broncos passed the puck down low, and went cross crease to Keegan Danserau, who scored.
Justin Dowling and John Negrin with the assists.

5-3 For the tigers for 56 seconds. However it looked like it was the broncos with the powerplay, Horrible zone penetration.

Tigers get another 5-3 for 30ish seconds. They look pretty unorganized, not making any favorable plays.

Second Period SUM
Well the tigers looked good at the start, managed to get a bunch of scoring opportunities. Then the broncos came back and got a couple 2on1's.

Then the penalties started flowing. Swift Current scored early on their 5-3, then the tigers looked too pressured on their 3 limited 5-3's. They managed pretty much nothing except tiring out their top 2 lines. The tigers managed a flurry of action at the end, but not really any quality shots. I hope that lack of finish on the powerplay does not come back to bite them.

Third Period

Coincidental penalties at the end of the second. 4-4 for 2 minutes!

Tiger GOAL (2-1 Tigers)
Tyler Ennis on a 2on1 what a nice play. Tic tac toe with Brennan Bosch

Bronco GOAL (2-2 Tie)

Bronco 2-2 rush. Holfeld let out a big rebound and the tiger defense fail to clear it. Taylor Vase with the gift. Assists to Mike Brown and Spencer MaCavoy

Bronco wrap around goal?..their going upstairs to review the replay..NO GOAL
Broncos are coming on and getting chances...yikes.

Bronco GOAL (3-2 Bronco's)
Tigers are running around with their heads cut off.
Throwing passes to no-one, putting pucks in areas where their are no tigers, and everyone lining up on the same side of the ice.
A nice hardworking goal for the broncos. Danserau from Eric Doyle and Justin Dowling

Powerplay for the tigers. Ennis with a partial breakaway. Negrin hauled him down
- No dice..Tigers look gassed. 2:50 left..sigh doesn't look good. Bronco's stepped on the pedal and the tigers cant keep up..Empty net..43 seconds left.

Bronco GOAL (4-2 Bronco's)
Empty Netter. Danserau with the hat-Trick.
TIgers won the puck off the face-off, the puck hopped over Isherwood's stick and Danserau managed to blow right past him. Isherwood looked gassed

Bronco's WIN 4-2

Sum: The tigers looked pretty gassed in the third period after their goal. ALL of a sudden they started making passes to no-one, and turning the puck over and over and over. They pretty much shot themselves in the foot IMO. Their powerplay has to be better. They had 8 chances and only 1 goal. including 3 partial 5-3's.

Tigers are now on a 6 game losing streak in the playoffs dating back to last year and the previous year in their memorial cup loss. Disappointing finish but the bronco's were the better team tonight.


Mike Walsh said...

It sure sounded like a fairly even game until the third period. Hopefully the Tigers tie the series up tonight. I wouldn't mind seeing these 2 teams beat each other up in a 7 game series :)

TigerTurf said...

IT sure sounded like an entertaining game.

I thought the tigers could have played better, they had spurts where they played good and spurts where they where running around.

Honestly if it went to 7 games I would not mind one bit, because IMO the broncos have a better team.