Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tigers Win Game 6: 3-0

What a game. It felt like every period was an overtime period.

The tigers stepped up physically throwing more hits. The tigers had lots of chances and Holfeld was absolutely amazing tonight. The tigers depth defenders played really well, not making any bad mistakes, and made good plays after a minor mistake.

The bronco's I thought looked pretty frustrated during the last half of the game, Lots of after whistle jabs. There was a big scuffle at the end of the game where Taylor gall was checked awkwardly into the boards. The whl website gave ryan Molle from swift current a double minor for headutting. Tyler Ennis was perhaps a little frustrated as he took 3 minor penalties during the game.

Tigers were 2 for 9 on the powerplay and looked dangerous. The broncos were 0/6, and really missed Danserau and Doyle on their first unit.

3 Stars
1. M.H - 9 Brennan Bosch
2. M.H - 31 Ryan Holfeld
3. M.H - 12 Colton Grant

Matt McCue will be back for game 7. Swift Current Head Coach/GM Dean Chynoweth had an interview with Jon Keen and are reporting that Both Keegan Danserau and Eric Doyle are out for the rest of the series.

That Home Ice advantage looks pretty big right now. Who knows what will happen. Tuesday Night is shaping up to be one hell of a game.


Mike Walsh said...

Based on what I read on whlfans, the refs really slowed the game down with lots of calls both ways...I got what I asked for, a game 7 in this series. Do you think the Broncos miss KD and ED?

TigerTurf said...

The refs did call allot of penalties however there was a ton of after the play rough stuff.

Their were quite a few guys looking to take people out of the series rather than take the puck.

It does suck when the refs take over the game but I thought the players didn't really give them a choice