Thursday, March 26, 2009


Former Tiger Player Micheal Sauer played in his first and second NHL games this week.

He was called up and played against Minnesota on Tuesday and against Atlanta last night.

On tuesday he recorded 13:33 minutes of ice time with 1 shot, 1 blocked shots, 2 shots that missed the net, and 1 hit. The rangers won 2-1

On wednesday He recorded 12:33 minutes of ice time, with a +1 rating, 1 shot and one hit, with 1 minute of powerplay time. Atlanta won 5-4.

That makes 6 players and counting on the tigers 06-07 roster than went on to play at least 1 games in the nhl.(Keetley, Helm, Schlemko, Sauer, Russel, Dorsett).

Tonight Is game 5 in swift Current...Whoever wins has 2 chances at putting away the other team. I will be here watching on the webcast posting updates along the way.

Matt McCue was suspended 2 games for his Hit ON Bronco Eric Doyle. Bronco fans are saying Doyle is out for the series with a concussion.

That is a pretty big blow to the tigers defense, McCue was eating up quite a chunk of icetime. The tigers will NEED Exceptional efforts from all defenders. I'm Not sure if Cody Carlson is 100% healthy and ready to go. The News has listed him as a healthy scratch, but I remember him being injured prior to the playoffs and when he was healthy getting a regular spot in the lineup.....although I could be wrong

You know the broncos are going to come out flying. Their building is pretty loud and full of energy when they get that siren, music and crowd noise into the game. The tigers will need thier forwards to help out any way they can on the back-end, and make the bronco's pay when they try to get fancy.


Anonymous said...

Check out Keen's blog, he's doing his best at creeping out Rhonda.....even my wife after she read creeped out,made her skin crawl, and she has nothing to do with it. I wonder if Byblow/Yonkman gets the officiating duties in " Sheep Current" tonight? Keen is a leg humper! Go Tigers!
Bob Orr

TigerTurf said...

Haha. Keen went overboard a bit criticizing chat News dress atire, and Rhonda put him in his place.

I like the bet they got going on. I look forward to see pictures of jon keen wearing tiger stripes.

Hey if we can convert kim Johnston we can convert Keener too!!!

I do not like having someones family member officiate a game. If there is any controversial decision at all during the game that goes in the bronco's favor, It will open up alot of questions even if the right call was made.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely, Byblow shouldnt be near a game the Bronco's play, just because of the conflict of interest, but as i said before, i think Byblow is the leagues worst official. I remember reading the newspaper regarding a Kootenay/Regina game a few years ago, where Negrin was doing snow angels on the ice after getting nailed by Nick Ross, and Byblow, lost all control of this game, one of the dubs most " bizarre" games, according to the reporter. You'd figure the league would have looked at the tapes, and seen, that Byblow is not dub officiating material. Oh well, life goes on. Go Tigers! Bob Orr

TigerTurf said...

I'm gonna ask for no personal attacks on individuals no matter how much you do or don't like them.

Opinions are fine as long as they are not an insult.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough
Bob Orr