Friday, April 10, 2009

Brandon Sweeps the Tigers 4 straight

Brandon Wins Game 1:6-3
Brandon Wins Game 2:8-6
Brandon Wins Game 3:6-1
Brandon Wins Game 4:6-2

Good Luck to Brandon in the conference Final next round.

Well Brandon's offense was just too much for the tigers to handle.
They are a team that makes you pay if your out of position. Their fast transition game and very skilled and patient forwards ripped the tigers systems apart every game they played. Scouts are just drooling over a couple of their players expected to go in the first round of the upcoming NHL draft.

The tigers had so many guys banged up, and suffering from bouts of flu like symptoms. The tigers played hard in the playoffs and thats all we could ask for as fans. Brandon was just plain and simple a much better team.

Brennan Bosch will always be remembered as the tiger that scored that game winner in Double Overtime vs Vancouver in game 7 of the whl championship finals. Watching him and Ennis through these last few years was a treat to watch.

Sean Ringrose came in last year and provided a steady work ethic, and it was fun to watch Matt McCue pound on a few guys this year. They will probably wake up tomorrow and feel like the last few years just flew by. Just wanna say thanks for giving it your all for the Medicine Hat Tigers, was a pleasure to watch, and I hope you all do well in your future endeavors.


tigs1010 said...

Hey just wanted to say good job on all your game updates. They were good to read.

TigerTurf said...

thanks. IT was a little weird, but fun. Some parts ended up as point form paragraph notation, Which made it sound like someone in grade 6 was writing it.

I reread all of it the other day, and thought Bronco fans might think it was a little biased, lol