Monday, April 13, 2009

Next Season Thoughts

The tigers will have a wad of 19 yr olds. Usually that means experience and good teams, however half of those 19 year olds are whl depth players.

Their will obviously be some moves in the works during the off season and beginning of next season.

There will be room for the young guys to make the team next year. How they fare in training camp could play a part on how many of those 19 yr old veterans the tigers keep.

As for the 20 year olds, I would Keep Bretton Cameron, Triston Grant, and Mark Isherwood. Travis Dunstall, and Ryan Holfeld look to be the odd men out. I believe those 2 players should easily fetch at least a 5th rounder each. With Bunz ready and another golden goalie prospect in the wings, Holfeld would have to become Keetley like over the off season for him to stay. I'm not 100% convinced though that those 3 I picked will be Desjardin's choices to stay. I think he may give Holfeld a chance to earn his spot, and he might ship a grinder like grant, or cameron off and keep dusntall.


Our defense may be in a similar state compared to this year. It depends on how the guys improved. Hopefully with an extra year under their belt they will really push the tigers transition game to be much faster. Carlson, Konan, Montomgery if they can improve to the point where they can play 20 minutes a game, the tigers defense will be very strong. However if they play like they did this year, the defense could be in trouble.

Isherwood Coyle
Konan Montgomery
Carlson Busenius


The forward unit looks to have 2 solid lines. There is room for new players on the bottom couple of lines. Or if they don't impress the last 2 lines will be battled out for by the veteran depth players. Training camp should be really intense.

Scoring wise I expect a slight drop. Tyler Ennis was involved and created 34% of the tigers offense. However the likes of Cameron, Hamilton, King, Okal, and Vey should make up a portion of that loss.

Okal Vey King
Hamilton Cameron Grant
xxx xxx xxx
xxx xxx xxx

Edit: I changed a couple things. Bottom 2 lines are basically a free-for-all for the newcomers and depth veterans. A spot they need to earn if they want to stay a tiger.

2008 Draft
1st round Dylan Busenius
2nd Round Dylan Bredo
3rd Round Boston Leier, Todd Fiddler
4th Round Reid Petryk
5th Round Colin Mospanchuk
6th Round Victor Newell

2007 Draft
1st round Tyler Bunz
2nd Round No Pick
3rd Round Brayden Jaw, Scott McKay
4th Round No Pick
5th Round Benjamin Gallacher, Jayce Douskey
6th Round Emerson Etem, Mathew Garvey


Anonymous said...

i agree with you to a point. but kessey won't make the cut next spring much better talent your way soon

TigerTurf said...

I was a little unsure about Kessey.
I kinda just threw him in there.

I haven't really watched any of the tiger prospects in depth so I'm unsure about what kind of potential they can bring.

Anonymous said...

i'm thinking for next year it might look like...
G. Bunz
D. Busenius
F. Boston Leier??
Colin Mospanchuk
Jayce Douskey.. just a thought any one have a comment please add

tigs1010 said...

Don't forget about Thomas Carr. He'll be in the lineup somewhere.