Saturday, April 4, 2009

Tigers doubled up In Opener 6-3

Well it goes to show just how good Brandon Is. Brandon didn't show up for the first period, then got better as the game went on.

I thought the tigers outplayed Brandon through the first two periods and deserved a better fate than being behind by a goal. Ryan Holfeld had a tough Night. He probably would like to have 2 goals back, and the tigers defense as a whole would like to have a different 2 goals back where Brandon walked right through the crease and scored.

I thought Tyler Ennis didn't come to play tonight for the tigers, his effort level was pretty non-existant for a playoff game, he was a -5 on the night(Maybe he still has the flu?). I liked that play when Wheat King Jay Fehr dropped his gloves at the end of the period and Travis Dunstall just skated by to the bench, that was funny.

I would like to see Linden Vey finish a hit, any hit, at least once in the game. I thought Zdenek Okal and Thomas Kundratek played fairly well throughout the game.

it sucks that the tigers forward unit is so small. That last backchecker coming back should be able to devastate those trailers Brandon always leaves as the third man in.

Any turnovers the tigers made in their own end cost them tonight. Brandon is pretty patient with the puck on offense.Hopefully the tigers can come out, play a little harder and get some good bounces tomorrow.

I should add that Last Night was A Sell out.

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