Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tigers hammered 6-1

I only listened to part of the game as I had other commitments.

Well the tigers certainly didn't get the start they wanted or control Brandon's offense.

Holfeld was pulled after 3 goals just 6 minutes in. Tyler Bunz looked like he played pretty well stopping 37 of 40 shots fired his way. I heard Ridley say something about interviewing Derek Dorsett but I didn't get a chance to listen to it.

As some would say the fat lady is already chowing down on the desert table.
Brandon has one hell of a team. I'm thinking they definitely give calgary a very tough series next round...that series should be a doozy.


In the paper Willie Mentioned something about injuries taking a toll on their defense corps. I have also heard there is something extra going on with Ennis.

I can suspect that Montgomery has injury issues after getting crunched a couple times, and not being dressed for tonights game. Taylor Gal could be injured as he hasn't seen action. You would also think that Kundratek and Ishwerwood have had some bumps and bruises as well.

I know Kundratek looked like he was hurt in game seven vs Swift. Also after that High stick Brennan Bosch took he may have needed dental work. Also I'm amazed that Joey Frazer is in the game after taking that viscous Knee in Medicine hat in game2. I Just looked at the game sheet and Brandon got a 5 minutes major for boarding. I hope whoever was on the receiving end of that was O.K

Edit: Thomas Kundratek was on the receiving end of that hit, no word on his injury. It is likely that wheat king Cale Jefferies (4th liner) will be suspended for the next game.

I've also gotten word that Matt McCue's knee is pretty banged up.

I hope most Brandon fans aren't like the ones who have posted comments in the Medicine Hat News. Although they are probably just getting back at all the disrespectful comments a select few tiger fans have spewed onto message boards in recent years.

Its amazing how your whole city starts to "suck"(in their words) once your hockey team loses a few games. roflmao

On an unrelated note, today i received my A+ computer certification passing both exams with flying colors. (A+ basically means you have 8-9 months equal experience of on the job training or so I'm told)


Mike Walsh said...

Congrats on the certification! It sucks that the Tigers aren't putting up more of a fight but the Wheaties are a very good and a very deep team. Hopefully you can at least extend it to 5 games.

Is whlfans down for you as well?

Anonymous said...

Hey TT, McCue is playing injured to his knee is swelled up and his leg is black and blue

TigerTurf said...

- thanks for the info anonymous
and yes whlfans is down for me too.

They seem to have server problems quite frequently, and are having trouble contacting the previous site owner to help fix the problem.

Anonymous said...

Ennis, Holfeld, & Ringrose all on meds from Dr. for bronchitis... affecting others on team as well.