Tuesday, May 12, 2009

HUGE NEWS + rumours


Willie Desjardin Appointed Head Coach of the 2010 World Junoirs.

Edit: I'm a little surprised that Buffalo hasn't signed Tyler Ennis yet. He is expected to make Buffalo's AHL affiliate in Portland next year, and Buffalo has already signed their other first round pick in Tyler Myers from Kelowna.

Edit2: There has been a rumor going around about the Tigers trying to Convince Potential First Round NHL Draft Pick Dylan Olsen to come play for the Tigers next Season. His original Plan was to play in the AJHL then go over and play NCAA hockey.

From what I've heard is that he is reconsidering his options.

Getting a player of his Calibre would be a powerful boost to the tigers lineup. He would be exposed to top notch competition while playing for one of the best coaches in Major Junior Hockey. IF the NHL route fails for him he would still have free tuition for every year he plays in the whl.

I know its still early and anything can happen, but I'm feeling very optimistic about the potential the tigers have for this year and the immediate future. Especially if the Emerson Etem, and Dylan Olsen rumors have some truth and they decide to join the Tigers for Next Season.


Anonymous said...

tyler needs to put on more beef first

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how many players the Tigers will lose this year do to age! and going to the AHL

TigerTurf said...

They will Loose Bosch, Ringrose, McCue to age restrictions

Almost guaranteed that Kundratek, Ennis will be in the AHL next year

They will also loose 2 of the following due to the 20yr max of 3 players

Grant, Dunstall, Isherwood, Cameron, Holfeld

So thats at least 7 players gone.

Although i expect a couple more to not make the roster, either through trades or cuts.

Anonymous said...

this emerson guy won't make the cut! 6th round pick 115th overall.