Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Overager Discussion

Alan Caldwell over on his blog has gone through a list of potential overager's this coming year. He mentions that this year there is a deeper pool of overage players.

I believe I did a brief recap of next years team a month or two ago, and I thought I would expand my thoughts on next years Overager's.

Thomas Kundratek is likely gone. As a 20 year old euro I do not see him coming back. Tyler Ennis is more than likely to be gone as well. He is too good for the whl. He would only come back if there were contract problems, or Buffalo's minor league affiliates get jam packed with forwards. I am surprised that Buffalo has yet to sign him to an NHL deal.

Ryan Holfeld
Some major question that comes up are: is Tyler Bunz ready? What kind of market is out there for goaltenders? DO the tigers want to go with an experienced whl tender? or try to develop their youth a little quicker? What will they lose/gain if they keep/get rid of Holfeld?

Sam Brittain - 17 (NCAA or WHl?)
Tyler Bunz - 17
Brad Gustafson - 16
Dawson Macauley - 15

If the tigers do decide to go in a youth direction on their back-end, that would mean a couple really young goaltenders. Bunz is definitely good enough to step up, but what about the back-up position? It would be tough for a young 17 yr old to play the majority of games, while still going through school. I heard rumbling about Brittain considering options to go through the NCAA route but i have no idea if any rumors are true or not.

By keeping Holfeld you maintain good depth at the goalie position, by having an above average experienced guy, and an above average goalie in the wings. However by letting him go you retain another 20 yr old forward to provide that solid 2-3 lines up front. This is a tougher decision than most fans realize IMO.

Mark Isherwood

The one player I think will be a lock. Unless he happens to sign a pro contract or Desjardin feels he can get a couple good players in return via trade.

Travis Dunstall
As a fan i was frustrated watching him play. Few second efforts, and he stopped skating when he got the puck. There was that "flu" issue where he was sent home for a week. I think a fresh start is in order for him and many fans would agree. I have a feeling that Desjardin has a soft spot for him, and its possible he comes back next year with a new attitude and desire to compete harder.

Bretton Cameron
He has a knack for scoring the garbage goals, and gives 100% full effort every game. Will stick up for teammates. I think he has the potential to be a .7+ ppg player next year. Cameron and grant could be competing for that last overager position.

Colton Grant
His game took off last year in the post season. HE was phenomenal in the playoffs. Very good penalty killer. Could be competing for that last 20 yr old position. 0.5 ppg potential while playing a defensive role.

The tigers have options on next years overager's. The consensus among tiger fans would probably be Isherwood, Cameron, and grant. I tend to agree, going on last season's play. However If we follow the 20 yr old history from past years we might be in for a surprise or two.

If the tigers get a good backup goalie in training camp to push bunz, it would make sense to trade away Holfeld. I'm thinking unless that happens they will keep Holfeld, unless some trade offer comes up.

I'm putting a poll up on overager's soon check the right hand side. You can pick multiple answers. The poll is also based that: Tyler Ennis, and THomas Kundratek will play in the pro's next year.

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tigs1010 said...

With Bunz I heard that if he's not the starter next year and has to be a backup to Holfeld he's going to ask for a trade it's just a rumour.