Monday, July 13, 2009

Linden Vey's L.A Camp

I managed to find a writeup on L.A kings development camp. A fan went to all 3 days of sessions and had a brief write-up of every player there. This is his take on Linden Vey
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57 – Linden Vey
Vey was quietly one of the top scorers in the WHL last season, and his tenacious, albeit unspectacular play showed why. He skates just as well as anyone else, but he’s not noticeably fast, and his strides aren’t economical. He just gets to where he needs to be. His shot isn’t very hard, but is accurate enough. His passing surprises even his teammates, as nobody expects a player on his knees to stickhandle a puck and then do a backhand pass right on the tape of a teammate.

He doesn’t crunch people with hits, but he battles through the grittiness. He even had a little bit of fun with a fan trying to take a picture. He’s that unsung hero who will become a fan favorite through his personality, work ethic, and willingness to do what the coach needs him to do. The puck seems to find him, and while he has at times tried to do too much with it, there’s a purpose in everything he does.

Likelihood to make the NHL: 35%. He’s not the biggest guy, nor is he the most explosive or dynamic, which makes things seem so unfair since he does everything else so right.

If he plays in the NHL he would be a: bottom 9 forward. He’s not quite talented enough to be on the first line, but in time, should be able to hold his own in a secondary line, or tenacious enough to be a checking line or energy player.

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