Thursday, July 2, 2009

More about the Euro's (Edited)

Willie Desjardin commented in today's Medicine Hat News about the new Import's chance of coming to play in Canada.

""There’s probably a 50-50 chance that he’ll stay and play back there this year,” Desjardins said on Wednesday. “We just have to wait and see, we’ll talk to him and figure it out.”"

Some Europeans have release clauses in their contracts, just in case a North American Team takes interest in them. I believe Rasmus Damgaard would need one of those clauses if he is interested in coming over, unless his club allows him to drop out of his contract which is rare.

Desjardin also went on to say that he still hasn't ruled out Thomas Kundratek coming back to play for the Tigers. Now A few things would need to align themselves for that to happen.

1. The New Dane doesn't report
2. The Rangers decide Kundratek development is best suited for the whl rather than the AHL, or ECHL
3. room is made for him on the tigers roster.

The Rangers do have a bit of a log jam on defenseman in the AHL, so I guess it is possible he is sent back. However I still think the chances are pretty slim. The rangers are currently running a summer prospect camp which Kundratek is taking part in.

Edit: It is Interesting that on Thomas Kundratek's Hockeys Future article, they list his future as expected to return to the whl next season.
Thomas Kundratek at Ranger Prospect Camp

"Based on this week, it's looking like the Rangers had a good draft in 2008. Defenseman Michael Del Zotto (20th overall), center Derek Stepan (51st), left wing Evgeny Grachev (75th) and defenseman Tomas Kundratek have all stood out at different times for different reasons."
- From the Blog Ranger Rants

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