Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Matthew Konan Gets Anaheim Invite

The Anaheim Ducks just released their rookie camp roster today. On the list is Tigers Matthew Konan, and of course ex Tiger Matt McCue who is listed at the forward position.


I am still wondering why Tyler Ennis hasn't signed with Buffalo yet? I read an article a couple months ago where Buffalo's GM Darcy Regier said he expects Ennis to play in portland (buffalo's affiliate) for the upcoming season. But it leaves me wondering why haven't they signed him yet.

Also I have been going over the list of Overagers for this coming year, and unlike last year's shortage there are going to be quite a few 20 yr olds who wont be playing hockey in the whl this year. It will be a buyers market, however there are very few teams eligible to buy without releasing another.

I can only see lethbridge and kootenay being under the limit unless another team unexpectedly has a couple players sign NHL contracts, or releases a player based on expectations they can get a better player relatively cheaply
(Lethbridge has 4 20's but its likely that 3 players move on)
(kootenay has 1 overagers)

Does this cheapen the cost for a 20yr old? possibly. The longer a buying team waits the cheaper the cost of the player. A team like kootenay(who needs 2 overagers) could possibly trade 4th-7th round picks away for a couple players they like. Or they could wait until October 16th rolls around and probably pick a couple players for free, however who they get may not be their first or second choices.

What does this mean for the tigers overagers? They better knock the socks off the competition. I would also absolutely hate to see lethbridge or kootenay end up with one of our 20's.

For a good guide on the current 20 yr old situations check out http://www.hockeyfights.com/forums/f11/updated-overage-situation-104656/
-Hordibrusk29 has compiled a fairly accurate list on what the overager situation looks like around the league.

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